Friday, January 8, 2010

Hillary was right! Obama fails the 3a.m. phone call test...

Turns out Hillary Rodham Clinton was right all along.

During the nastiest battle of the entire 2008 presidential race, she aired an alarming television commercial warning voters that they would come to regret nominating Barack Obama to occupy the White House.

If -- in a national security crisis -- the "red phone" rang at 3 a.m., the ad intoned, Obama would not hear it.

Or he would fail to answer it.

Or he would be on vacation.

In any case, an Obama White House would so diminish the threat of terrorism that the government's focus would shift away from the harsh and determined tactics used to protect the homeland.

Instead, Obama would turn his attention to becoming more popular in the world and stress negotiations over hardball tactics.

This attitude from the commander in chief would trickle down to every corner of the federal government responsible for national security.

Obama lashed out at Clinton, dismissing her and accusing her of desperation and playing upon people's fears.

"Sen. Obama says that if we talk about national security in this campaign, we're trying to scare people," replied Clinton, appropriately mystified.

Well, yesterday those chickens came home to roost.

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