Friday, January 22, 2010

The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama

The air is seeping out of the Obama balloon. He has fallen to below 50 percent in the poll approval ratings, a decline punctuated by his party's shocking loss in the Massachusetts special election.


Barack Obama was undoubtedly sincere in what he promised, even if his promises were within the normal range of political exaggeration. The first trouble is that his gift for inspiration aroused expectations, stoked to unprecedented heights by his own staff, that he would solve the climate crisis on Monday, the jobs crisis on Tuesday, the financial crisis on Wednesday, the education crisis on Thursday, Afghanistan on Friday, Iraq on Saturday, and rest on Sunday. His oratorical skills were highlighted by the contrast with President Bush, who mangled words so much that his incoherence became, as Tina Brown wrote, "a metaphor for incompetence." Expectations were spurred, too, by Obama's recognition that Americans yearned for a new kind of politics, a rejection, as he put it, of "politics as usual." READ MORE...


  1. what next ? maybe he,ll get a golf club in the back window of his limo at 2am and end up owing money he does,nt have and try and blame that bulls###t on the bush admin! obuma you,re a piece of sh##t for a president you lack the class it takes to be a person who uses a shovel in a stable

  2. Well well well---Scott Brown's win Tuesday has caused quite a few reverberations across the political landscape---check out the snake oil salesman in the White House---the crown cancer has decided to pivot and replace for now, his mask of Marxism, and supplant it with a new one, of a popularist---now dig this---this man and his administration shared the same bed with the corporate elite and the Wall Street crooks, and they were all usurping the tax payers money---now quicker then superman can depart the bedroom of a naked Nazi Piglosi, Obama goes on a rant against the mega-banks and his past Wall Street bedmates---

    The only problem with this switcheroo is that it will further his demise to his waterloo--

    You see---he has left his democommies in the lurch---they were willing to die on their shields for him so as to pass government run health care---all for their Messiah---now, even the democommies know that their false Messiah is nothing more then a trick---

    Once you identify the person who picked your pocket, it's only natural to kick some ass---now the crown cancer is going to get his ass kicked not only by the right but by the left also---it couldn't happen to a nicer Marxist.

  3. Obama and his insulting, contemptuous, progressive revolutionaries are a mockery aganist eveything our founding fathers stood for---

    When will "ALL" the Republicans understand the democommies, once and for all, whose entire collective being is about one thing---annihilating conservatism and any and all politicial opposition--

    The progressive scum care only about one thing---power--and not about any real reform or giving people choices, or actually improving people's lives---

    Any conservative who is caught dealing with Nazi Piglosi, like Newt Gingrich is, is lower then a snake and is committing political suicide---you don't dance with the enemy.

    Who will be president in 2012?---this site can remove Newt's name from your list----

  4. AAH----our malevolent president encapsulated himself in getting healthcare deform through Congress, all the while courting the risk of chaos, and the rising tide of American anger opposing it.

    The positive---the nightmare in the White House now has less then 3 years remaining as our frightening leader---

    2009---hope and change
    2010---hope you have some change

    Obama is white guilt, and a Marxist in a good suit.
    If he ran a lemonade stand he'd create a "cup tax"