Saturday, January 23, 2010

PUNKED OUT! Jon Stewart Slams Olbermann: Keith Olbermann's Dickish Response to Jon Stewart.

Notice at the end of this video, Keith Olbermann gets so PUNKED OUT by Jon Stewart and wants no part of him. He knows that if he pisses Jon Stewart off and starts a war, he will lose because Keith Olbermann is a pathetic loser and a 'dickhead.' There's plenty of video to back that up. Keith is also a sexist, racist, dishonest, leftist moron who still can't get laid. It's why Keithy always takes his sexual frustration out on the same 'pretty conservative types' who have shot him down his entire life. He spends 70% of his show PERSONALLY attacking women like Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Michele Bachmann and Michelle Malkin to name a few...who is the real sexist here?

Give credit to Stewart for getting laughs out of some very unfunny source material. I’m wondering why Stewart missed the opportunity to go after Olby’s assertion (with agreement from Newsweek editor Howard Fineman) that trucks represent racism, which could have made for some blockbuster comedy. But do notice where his audience laughs and applauds, because even though Stewart got a good response from them for himself, it becomes rather obvious where their sympathies lie — except when Stewart quotes Olby on Michelle, which gets a very gratifying gasp. READ MORE...



  1. LOL, has someone been peeking into Olbermann's psychiatrist's file cabinet??

  2. Peeking cannot hide that kind of crazy