Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LIAR IN CHIEF: Liberal Group Gives Obama an 'A' for Transparency. More Proof Obama Supporting Liberals are 'Idiots'

Liberals, would you like to explain this? And when you're done, we have about 40 other lies on video we would like you to explain. Then we would like to recommend a psychiatrist to the ones who still support this con artist President...

What a bunch of nonsense!

As the Obama administration and Congress are off in secret finalizing their plan to take over one-sixth of the U.S. economy, Politico is reporting today that a group of liberal “watchdog groups” just issed a report giving the White House an “A” for openness!

How can they do this with a straight face?

The fact is that the President has lied to us … multiple times.

Instead, the health care “reform” process has been one of the most secretive ever, with 2,000+ page bills being jammed through Congress with little debate and with no one having the opportunity to read them.

Is this democracy? And the liberal media don’t see any problem with this!

Last week, someone finally stepped up to challenge the lies and the lack of transparency. In a letter to the President and Congressional leaders, C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb urged Congress to “open all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage.”

Media Research Center Founder, Brent Bozell praised C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb for demanding Congress keep the health care talks transparent, and called on the networks to follow C-SPAN’s lead saying “enough is enough– especially when the health and wellness of every American is at stake.”

Instead of acknowledging their dishonest behavior, Congress has opted for more secret meetings — keeping out not only cameras, but also any lawmakers with an opposing view!

Again, 'why in the world do people vote democrat?!?'


  1. people might laugh, and it's a shame, but liberals do have a mental disorder. you don't have to be an oxe murderer psycopath to have a mental disorder. we shouldn't let people with mental disordered vote, so therefore liberals shouldn't vote. it makes for a far better America. It's been proven a fact by several leading shrinks and their policies fail everywhere. so take a hike liberals..

  2. i meant axe...sorry...

    here's the proof. watch the video. watch the liberals defend - that = mental disorder. they do it everyday. a perfect example of a mental disorder is ed schultz and keith olbermann. even Maddow is now thinking climategate as a myth. unreal!