Monday, January 18, 2010

Narcissist Bill Clinton fights for Martha Coakley, rails against ‘Tea Party’

“I came here to tell the people of Massachusetts this: This country’s revolution was born in Massachusetts. The Revolutionary War was first won here. The war was over here years before it was finally finished. It started with the Boston Tea Party, and the right wing Republicans have appropriated that on the premise the tea party was against government.”

Clinton added, “What they were against was abuse of power.”

He sought to frame the race as a battle between those who will fight for the powerful and those who will fight for the powerless READ MORE...

Why is this moron Bill Clinton still around? We're pretty sure he and Al Gore are profiting from the Haiti disaster; it's just how those two dirtbags roll. But why does he feel the need to insult the Tea Party movement? Because it's polling better than his pathetic, corrupt, deceptive democratic party? We think so...

Someone might want to tell Bill Clinton, who is pictured above with admitted communist, racist and former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones, that this democratic controlled government we have in congress IS ABUSING POWER! That's why the movement was created, and why it's so popular.

We're tired of the RINO's and DEMOCRATS in Washington ruining this country, stealing our money, making back room deals on major bills without even reading them, making deals with the SEIU, funding ACORN, bribery, spending trillions in printed money while ruining the value of the dollar, bailouts and compulsive lying to the American people DAILY to name a few!

So Bill Clinton, "stick a tea bag up your ass. Stop cheating on your wife and go back to Arkansas you big goof. Also, stop hanging out with dirtbag communist wanna-be's like 'rubber brother' Van Jones who doesn't like your kind anyway..(Video below)

Government abuse of power...Why is Bill Clinton hanging out with this guy? Why did Barack Obama appoint him? Yea, we're really LOVING the Tea Party movement, and it's probably the only movement that can help to save this country that is spiraling downward faster than Obama's approval ratings...

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