Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Has NO Respect for the Oval Office. This Speaks Volumes About the President of the United States.. What an Embarrassment...

We were wondering when someone would bring this up. Obama's feet are always on the desk. Tossing footballs and eating in the Oval Office is not Presidential or respectful. There will be people who say 'so what.' Those people need to realize that these Obama knuckleheads are not interns or 'stoners' working in some mailroom of some collection agency or some corporation. This is the (so-called) Commander in Chief of the United States; and a terrible one at that. He's rarely in his office working anyway, so the last thing he should be doing when he actually isn't out on the campaign trail lying to every American about how great he is, is tossing a football, eating cake and scuffing up his $1000 'air elitist' shoes.

He should be at his desk writing down on paper, 'government isn't the answer' 500 times and his pens should be taken away from him so he doesn't sign anymore bills until he is defeated easily in 2012.

Some of these are new, **All are from WH photographer Pete Souza**
This speaks volumes about the President of the United States


  1. Nixon had a similar habit of putting his feet on the desk. According to John Dean, Nixon deliberately wanted to leave heel marks on the desk as a kind of legacy, and was annoyed when he found that a maintenance person had tried to erase them.

    Most presidents are corrupt, power-crazed narcissists. By suggesting that Obama is somehow worse than Republican predecessors, you're just buying into the simplistic distractions of two-party politics.

  2. Your ass kid. There's NO way you can compare Obama to Reagan and even Bush. Are you out of your mind????

    As economically incompetent as Bush was, he wasn't anti-American or a social radical. He had good intentions but was an idiot.

    Reagan made a few mistakes as wel, but corrupt? The man did so much good, we can forgive his few mistakes.

    Obama is a liar. A pathological liar who surrounds himself with criminal-type corrupt politicians. He makes so many back room deals and stocks his over 34 czars with the mosr radical disgusting peopler wjhile deceiving the american people everyday on jobs, spending etc.. he gives rights to terrorists.

    You need to do a lot more research. I can imagine this blog being calledf 'idiotsfor'reagan' or 'bush' . com

    You would have about 5-15 posts a year. With Obama you have hundreds a year he is so corrupt and dishonest.

    Don't be such an idiot. Be somewhat honest. It is what it is. No ones perfect but intentionally trying to TRANSFORM THE UNITED STATES with some Marxism crap you were taught by radicals at Columbia is far worse than a few mistakes and some minor corruption.

    Get your head out of your ass. we have never seen this type of administration run by all leftist nutjobs. Not even carter.

    ALSO - I am not stupid enough to buy into the insults being hurled by hideous 6ft lesbian philosophy majors on MSNBC who make fun of 'birthers'. Obama IS hiding something and I would bet my entire pension on it. EVEN THE LIFELONG DEMOCRAT who brought the lawsuit has some damning evidence.

    I don't know exactly what it is. But heres FACT so far- Obama has spent over 1 million dollars defending this. Why are all of his school records sealed and some vanished? There is something really wrong with thAT. I believe personally he received foreign aid. But for a man who boasts transparency, this guy is the most secretive and dishonest POLITICIAN ever.

    Grow up