Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama's AG Eric Holder: Protect Terrorists and Black Panthers. Ignore the American People. Screw You!

Holder Made Decision to Mirandize Christmas Bomber

Attorney General Eric Holder, I believe for political reasons, has dropped all charges relating to the Black Panthers voter intimidation in last falls Presidential election. Why would he drop such an open and shut case? The Black panthers never even showed up to defend themselves. There was no way that the government was going to lose this case, unless of course they were to drop all charges, which is what they did, but why?

I believe that Obama and Eric Holder didn't want to alienate their core voters by going after the "New" Black Panthers. And sense they knew that the mainstream news media is in their back pocket, and therefore would not report on it, they just dropped the charges, why would they not? You might think that they would care about equal protection under the law, and just the rule of law in general, but it is apparent that they do not. It is obvious to me that they couldn't give a flying flip about the rule of law; they do as they please.

If you think about it, the underlying reason that this was not prosecuted is because it was a case where white people were intimidated to vote a certain way, or to not vote at all. I'm not sure if you have noticed it or not, but the "progressives" are not concerned in the least about protecting the rights of anyone who is white; they could care less. They do not apply the law equally, but instead they use it to their advantage in order to further their political goals, one of which is to dismantle the power structure in this country as it now exists.

It looks like Eric Holder is as much of a fraud as Barack Obama is; they are like two peas in a pod, they compliment each other perfectly. They should have great success over the next four years unraveling our Republics core legal principles; of this I have no doubt.

NOTE- This video also demonstrates a good example of Bill O'Reilly playing 'dumb' to keep his 'center-left' audience. He acts as if the black panther vote and the ACORN vote don't meet the same demographic. Give us a break.

O'Reilly also assumes that Obama can't be responsible for Eric Holder dropping these charges. Not only did Obama appoint Eric Holder, he also agrees and consults with him on all of these decisions.

O'Reilly is right (barely) most of the time, but he is slipping lately by always giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and being way too optimistic when there's overwhelming evidence that Obama is a compulsive lying, radical idiot. When he attacks Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and other talk radio personalities, it shows his jealous side and it also makes him less credible.

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  1. Savage is ther smartest guy on radio. i don't care what anyone says. O'Reilly blows.