Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OLBERMANN IS A VILE HUMAN BEING: Doubles Down On Brown Apology By Calling Him 'Sexist.' VIDEO Olbermann Lied About Coakley Statement..

Can you believe this is an actual news network? How pathetic in MSNBC?

Keith Olbermann is a vile human being and a loser. He should have been fired a long time ago, but NBC is run by Jeffrey Immelt who is on the Obama 'Marxist' economic advisory board. Immelt needs this slug Keith Olbermann to keep pushing this propaganda to a dying breed of mentally disturbed progressive liberals.

In this video, Keith Olbermann is dead wrong. He didn't give the facts, he lied like he always does, which is why he and his network have the super low ratings.

Keith Olbermann is just jealous that Republican Scott Brown won the election. He should save all that jealously for the 2010 elections when the democrats lose a ton of seats..he's going to need it.

Listen to this moron in the video below lie about a Martha Coakley statement about Catholics not working in emergency rooms...

He also took a poke at Curt Schilling. Maybe he would like to make fun of Lenny Clark and former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie who also supported Brown with the rest of the people from Massachusetts..

Keith Olbermann is a coward and an asshole...

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