Friday, January 1, 2010

Sarah Palin, Man of the Year

2009 was an extraordinary year in which ordinary people did extraordinary things not because they were the easy things to do, but because they were the right thing to do. The people ranged from young Hannah Giles who jump-started her journalism career by donning a hooker’s garb to bring down the racketeer influenced corrupt organization known as ACORN, to Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, who culminated the decades of his life that he worked toward airline safety simply by landing an engineless plane on the Hudson River.

Michael Paul Mizzone, a carpenter’s business representative, pulled Josef R. Bruckuf, 82, out of a burning house, severely burning himself in the rescue. Police Sergeant James Crowley refused to buckle under presidential pressure and apologize for arresting a belligerent man. Economist Douglas W. Elmendorf refused to buckle under presidential pressure to cook the books for Obamacare.

The list of such candidates was long as the United States and Canada are nations that still celebrate and nurture rugged individualism. We still produce people like Stephen McIntyre who demand proof before they sign onto the global warming fad.

And lest we forget, the Netherlands gave us Jasper Schuringa, who saved Flight 253. The Dutch have our gratitude.

While each of the finalists was deserving, there can be only one man of the year — Sarah Palin. In the pantheon of people who stood up this year for that which is right, no one else stood taller or looked better.

She endured the most and came to symbolize the majority of American citizens who are stunned by the attempt to rapidly dismantle this great nation of ours and transform it into another Euro-weenie socialist country that apologizes for trying to save the rest of the world over the years.

The cynic in me said I should honor the person most responsible for reviving the conservative movement — Barack Obama. His arrogance and over-reach gave people pause. The plunder of the treasury in February caused even apolitical people to question his true motives. His slide to 44% approval among voters came lightning quick and we all know that thunder follows lightning. READ MORE...


  1. I am proud of this site for coming full circle on our next president Sarah Palin. Picture her in the White house in your mind then picture the crown cancer we have right now----what a difference----Sarah loves this country, compared to the crown cancer planning to destroy it.

    We know Sarah as the confirmation of someone who say's what she means and means what she says.
    The commie media portray's Sarah as a falsication by stating erroneous gibberish in their predictable unintelligible meaningless commie language, that is only understood by the pretentenious and needlessly obscure liberal scum.

    Trust your gut---Sarah is genuine.
    Sarah gives you authentic testimony of her beliefs as opposed to the commie mumbo-jumbo of what is merely inferred in the commie press.

    Hey, say it a couple of times---our next president, Sarah Palen---it comes off the tounge like butter---nice.

  2. You know I used to know what it was like being a dumb leftist democrat. I at one point thought Palin was okay, and then I heard she was dumb and I just figured she was. But I am starting to find out about the truth, the truth about Palin and the lying, hateful media and elitist liberals who constantly attack her. I have researched her history and finally got the truth on Sarah Palin and now I'm her biggest fan. I love her..

    I would also like to say that you don't have to be a know-it-all to be Presdent. You have to have really good character and judgement to pick 'know it alls' and place them in positions to do their job efficiantly.

    You don't have to be a master economist, but your economic advisor should be.

    I also believe Palin would surround herself NOT with people like rev wright, bill ayers, van jones, david axelrod, hillary clinton, rahm emanuel, eric holder, valerie jarrett and jennings and holden and sunstein. She loves this country and I am now hoping either Palin, Bachmann and Demint run against this Marxist President we have now who has no clue how to manage a nation, but does have a clue on how to destroy it worse than Bush did.

    She isn't my number one choice, but I do think she would be good for America and her judgement would be far better than Bush or Obama;s...

    I am a Jim Demint- 'Reagan libertarian conservative' type.

  3. Is it because you don't think much of women you have to give male qualities to Sarah Palin?

    Do you think she would appreciate this?

  4. Yes, and I think you're too stupid to get it, bur what an asshole you are to leave such an irrelevent comment. Maybe they are trying to say that she has more of a spine and more 'testicle fortitude' than other male politicians who are afraid to be so brutally honest as Palin is.

    I mean, she's probably more of a man than you are. She's also hot and can shoot, fish, hunt, stay married to the same man, raise kids, sell a million books, get an 80% approval rating as governor, and angers liberals. Sounds pretty good to me..she has my vote..

    Buzz off sissy boy.

  5. why don't you try to read the article first . that might help.

  6. Seems to me, with an 80 percent approval rating she would not have to quit in mid term

  7. Raj said-----and now I'm her biggest fan. I love her..
    Correction----you are her second biggest fan, yours truely is her biggest fan----I was on her band-wagon the first time I laid eyes on her and heard her speak----finally, I can get behind a politician 100 per cent for 2 big reasons.
    1--I believe what she say's and she has the requisite knowledge of what she is saying.
    2--It is time for a woman to run this country----she is the first female by far that has the qualifacations needed to get this country back on track.
    Okay I lied---there is a third reason.
    3---I love her, only second to her husband, not from a lust stand-point, but for the type of human being she is, and lastly what man in either party has her mental and moral courage that would obliterate political correctness and damn it to the curb.
    Okay I lied again---I can think of even more reasons she would be a great president---but I think you get my point.

  8. why not?? because her approval rating is a certain percentage she can't resign?? it's always 'moved on' with liberals, quit' for republicans. The biased mind of a liberal...

    when Sebillious, Napolitano leave or quit, it's for a

    Looks like we are finally seeing she made a very smart move and is not just about tied w.Obama in polling. People like her. Deal
    Liberals are jealous of her. Deal People are starting to find out Obama in an incompetent fraud. It's showing. Deal Biden is never compared to Palin....why? Thought so...

  9. Question for the Obama supporters---Is this crown cancer in the W. H. a public relations recruiter for A. Q.?----and is the W. H. willfully trying to sabotage the intelligence community or just a bunch of rank amateurs?

    My take---they are not amateurish mistakes---they are well thought out considered actions aimed at undercutting this country---with Obama's true goal of weakening our economy, our military, our intelligence and our people.

    This year's election's will stymie his present success and in 2012 Sarah Palin will clean up this travesties mess and finally muzzle the crown cancer's consultent Soros.

  10. This pathetic crown cancer in the W. H. and everyone who is connected to him thinks that the public is stupid and he treats us accordingly. Even some of his supporters know Obama is not a straight shooter and they instintively know that as his lies mount the crisis that he is creating are mounting also. When this stench in the W. H. is removed in 2012 the first order of business by our new president Sarah will be to fumigate the W. H. thourghly for the purpose of disinfecting the diffused vapor's floating in the air and reparing transparency once again in her strong qualities of character.

  11. Russell, you seem very intelligent and informed on politics. You tell it like it is and I find myself agreeing with you all the way everytime you post. It's astounding that liberals either A. can't see the obvious, or B. in denial. You should run for offices or at least be a speech writer..

  12. Thank you Ronnie2012---the answers to your questions
    A.---can't see the obivious----the obvious is easily discovered, seen and evident---but the kicker is because it goes against everything the liberal wants to believe opposed to what they do believe---they intentionally hinder their own understanding---so how does a liberal have a normal mental growth and progress when their own preconceptions dwarfs their comprehension.

    B.---in denial----their refusal to admit the truth and their feeble weakness in embracing an assertion or an allegation that they know is false condemn's them to the neither world where the demons of their conscious knows no rest.

    So in a way I do feel a bit sorry for the liberals we have to share this planet with----but I never want to see them in power for obvious reasons.

  13. This is fu--ing outrageous--
    For brevities sake I will condense in fewer words what Christopher S. Rugabar-Washington-AP wrote on Dec. 31.

    A record 20 million-plus people collected unemployment at some point in 2009 with more then 5.8 million people out of work for more then 6 months---according to the Labor Dept. the new claims for jobless benefits dropped last week to 432,000 and you have the talking point ass-holes and their brain-dead economic lackeys trumpeting the slowing down job-losses.

    These heartless bastards are cheering that less then a half a million people lost their jobs last week. I remember in the last couple of year's during the Bush presidency the Labor Department declared that only 20,000 new jobs were created during the month---not lost, created---and the commie press slammed and excoriated Bush over those numbers.

    Now, a half a million people a week are losing their jobs and the commie press is extolling the decline in the recent weeks and has the ball's to claim that this is the emerging proof that the economy is stabilizing---I am so furious and red-faced mad for the people who have lost there jobs because this is the Obama plan, and then they have to be insulted, by his prevarication, that the job-market is turning around.

    Sarah Palin will be the sunshine that is needed to shutter away the darkening clouds that this commie government and their committed press-allies have invested in.

  14. Fire in the belly, Russell G. That's what you have. Like RonPaul says, I see politics in your future.

  15. Paulie From Las VegasSat Jan 02, 06:58:00 PM PST

    Calling Sarah Palin " Man Of The Year " was a stroke of genius ! Liberals will magnetize toward such a headline for its possible negative connutation and will read all the posts looking for her possible tendency to flow toward Lesbianism. When they can't find what they thought they would find, their mentally disturbed Liberal minds will be made more angry. Anything that raises the blood pressure of a Liberal that might lead to a sudden heart attack or stroke is " Jake " with me. We're going to have fight them someday anyway for the future of America so one or two less in the Leftist ranks just makes the job easier. With the quality of Obamacare, we will assured of their demise as convalescence would be an impossibility. Russell G's comments above regarding the spinned numbers of unemployment remind me of my mothers vulnerability to being bamboozled when it came time to purchase pasta. She insisted on buying Buitoni brand because they advertised they had 50% more protein than any other macoroni. When I informed her that all pasta had " 0 " per cent protein she said:..." See ???...they are right...they have 50 % more than that !!! "

  16. Paulie from Vegas---I love Vegans---are you indigenous to Nevada or a transplant from another state. I have been to Las Vegas well over a hundred times and the odds are if you are a gambling man that we probably have crossed paths while imbibing the different casino's flavors---I was impressed with your post---seem's that we have something in common---our distaste for liberals.

    Don't know for sure if this was your virgin post on this site---in either event you will love this site if you loathe liberals---speaking of liberals---relatively recently, maybe 100,000 years ago, a roving band of liberals looking very much like the rest of us diversified into every race that we see around the world today---this includement, I just made up this word, I digress, this includement is the number one reason there is discordance on our planet.

    I hate to broad-brush all liberal's---but just the thought of all the families that are suffering today because this crown cancer has a detailed plan to socialize our country, and that their loss of jobs just facilitates his program has me agitated.

  17. Paulie From Las VegasSun Jan 03, 06:32:00 AM PST

    I am New York City born and raised ( Da' Bronx )and wouldn't trade my childhood and youthful experiences of the 50's and early 60's for all the riches in the world. A lesson was taught from each of them. Moved to Nevada 18 years ago when it was a " pure " and " solid " Conservative State, but that was before the "invasion" of the Liberal, Bochevik, Progressive swine from the left coast of California ... that's when the cancer metastisized and we found ourselves being enveloped with the likes of Harry Reid etc: I do not have a distaste for Liberals, my agnst is not so mundane, a more accurate description would be along the lines of a disdain toward them. Russell G: Yes that was my virgin post yesterday, but I've been reading the comments on this site for months now and like what read. It's comforting to know there are still sane, intelligent and common sensed people existing in America. Do not hate yourself by " broad-brushing " all Liberals because your painting is a " masterpiece " !!!
    Your agitation is justified as there are only 3 catagories of the Liberal thinking montra, those being: Left...Far Left...and Looney Left and all add up bad for America.

  18. Paulie, where in the Bronx? I'm from Van Cortlandt Park and Morris Park. Jerome ave and Grand concourse...Now I live in a nice red state
    ! New York was great when I was a kid, the best place to grow up. Rudy did a hell of a job fixing it, but it didn't last long. Crime went down and taxes and cost a living went through the roof. Affirmative Action ate up all the jobs and a PR, I was NOT checking the 'hispanic box.' I think one of the creators of this site is from the Bronx too. And now Philadelphia.

    I heard him on Lou Dobbs some months ago. Nevada was the spot ten years ago, but like every other red state, the liberals ruin the states they come from, go to red states and their voting record comes with them. Eventually, like a few states in the south, they turn blue. Then they turn into shitholes like Michigan.

    Liberals just don't learn. They should be banned from moving to red states. I would love that! Make it law...

  19. Paulie from the city of lights and Nick my main man---get outta here-----I'm from the Bronx and still live here, but in a sweet area of it, now---This is to freaky----we all know the way New York of our childhood was and what it has turned into now----the middle and mostly the well-heeled are fleeing this state faster then super-man can fly---being taxed to death---but that's not the worst of it---this year, to meet New York's State budget deficit, the taxes will be going up even
    higher, guaranteeing that the exodus of the life-blood of hard-working people of this city will be conjoining the one's that have already left. The death-bells of this state are ringing loudly as the liberals that run this state are doing everything in their power to mirror Detroit.

    My sympathies go out you Paul----your senator Harry (night of the living dead) Reid is doing everything in his power to bring about a social collapse in your state----I just want 10 seconds alone with this bastard---even 5 seconds would do---

    Paul---are you a resident gambler----I have been going to Las Vegas since late in the 70's when Carter was the president---it was like a ghost town then, with the economy in the tank---I remember they had scantily dressed dolls outside the casino's giving out free champagne to entice you to enter their establishment---the stories I could tell you---if anybody saw the movie Casino, it captured the atmosphere back then---those were the good-old-days---now with the corporations taking over they treat the sport gamblers like they were dinosaur's from millions of years ago---they don't want your action, especialy when its heavy---they don't want to gamble, just about all of them net-work now, they have a heard mentality with no individual slick bookmakers like they did in the past---all Vegas wants now are the suckers who play the house games--sorry for the long story---Paul you just sparked some past memories in me.

    Just to keep it on point---Obama knows his audience all to well, and is deliberately and cynically exploiting their ignorance---learn some of the rudiments of what he and his administration are opposing.
    The crown cancer's list of discreditated arguments are starting to become adjusted over time---the amazing thing is that he has a list at all---and he is starting to make false divisions where there are none presently.

    Obama does not know it yet---but some members of the commie press--once fawning admirers of the crown cancer are dropping away from their false Messiah like a long row of domino's.

    Obama and his flunky administration are starting to drown and his once lifeboat-media-dick's seem to be fleeing as Obama's head is starting to disappear underwater and they do not want to be sucked down into the whirlpool with him---everyday there is a new liberal media journalist separating form the crime area and in essance they are writing his epitaph and saying good riddance. They built him up---they cocooned for him---in time they will tear him down as the false expected deliverer of their liberal-wet-dreams.

    As long as there remains the internet the commie-media is doomed.

  20. Paulie From Las VegasSun Jan 03, 02:47:00 PM PST

    Nick: First let me say: " GOOD FOR YOU !!! "... " YOU'RE A MAN'S MAN " !!! for not using your ethnic background as a "crutch", but rather a " rock " to build upon !!! Your confidence in your abilities as an " American " and not a hyphenated American is very refreshing to read about. Again, my cudo's to your power of reliance. I'm originally from Pelham Bay ( Westchester Ave & Middletown ) and spent my teenage years on E. 187th & Prospect Ave. Although we both reside in RED states, I think the Liberal states should be labeled " RED ", know,.. like the colors of the former Soviet Union, the color codes were probably devised by some Liberal to confuse us all. I was out of New York City when Rudy ruled the roost, but am well aware of how he cleaned up crime especially around that open sewer called " Times Square ". When I compare our childhood to that of Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer to people outside of NYC they say: " IN THE BRONX ??? " I'm referring to the innocense, safety and simplicity of all of America prior to the demonic birth of the infectious disease known as Liberalism. But in all honesty, it would have never come to fruition had their been people such as we venting their thoughts on forums such as this to post them on. The plague of Liberalism is " our fault " because we tolerated and poo poo'd it as just a passing nut fringe. We knew the montra was insane, but chalked it all off as something that would be impossible to catch on in America simply because of its lunacy. HOW WRONG WE WERE !!! HOW TOLERENT WE WERE !!! We contributed to its evil rise by simply not saying anything. We should have learned from Hitler and his silent eradication of the Jews. Tolerence gives rise to the absolute powers of dictators. Well, no more thanks to sites like this and the invention of the Internet. Maybe we should thank Al Gore afterall for that LOL.

  21. Minnesota is a great Blue State. Hasn't voted Republican in a general election since Nixon. High on quality of life measurements in just about any category. Check it out.

    So, Red States were the deep south mostly. You get Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia.

    Texas is the Red State success story. Have any others?

  22. Ummm, okay...they voted for Al Franken, Jesse Ventura and Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachman. So you have half the state filled with tax eaters and leftist kooks and the other half filled with the civilized producers who subsidize them. You're bragging about Minnestota? LOL You're getting desperate...and pathetic.

  23. That's telling them Stacy------In all honesty when I first found this site, I will admit, that the liberal poster bothered me a bit----no more---now I love it for 2 beautiful reasons.

    1---Nick has this capacity for ferreting them out---no one does it better.
    2---Re-read their posts----they provide some of the best humor on the net---in fact---I implore them to keep posting---and I will do my part---I will keep laughing at their attemps to be taken seriously.

  24. You're talking about politics, I'm talking about quality of life, Stacy. Maybe you ought to visit the state sometime.

    The tone of this site reeks of desperation. Angry and insulting. Does it have to be that way?

  25. EEXXCCUUUUSSSE ME- This is Stacy. I have been to Minn. What are you talking about?? Are you really that clueless? Becuase there is good quality of life in parts of Minnesota-what's your point???

    There's a lot of Ice in Minnesota. There's a lot of crime in the twin cities. They have a good football team, great snowmobiling and the biggest joke of a Senator in addition to a University that teaches their students that whites are the reason every minority is oppressed -or something like that.

    So it's funny that you ASSume you ass, that I have never been there when i have. Also, I was saying that Minnesota has some smart voters- the producers, (Bachman-Pawlenty) and really dumb voters, usually the tax eaters and idiots (Franken)

    So buzz off you creep.

  26. Anonymous-------thank you, please keep posting.


    humor--is an antidote for many bodily disorder's and chronic disease.

    Liberal's inadvertently may be providing this country a great service everytime they move their lips--------please------liberal's, keep moving them lips.

  27. "So buzz off you creep,"

    "usually the tax eaters and idiots"

    I like bringing out the best in people.

    And crime dropped significantly in Minneapolis/St Paul this year. Double digits for most types of common crimes. Two cities with pretty liberal mayors and city councils.

  28. The American people "do not"want to hear any more bull-shit from the regulators, the pay dictate appointments, the W. H.--- none of the politicians, that pile lie, upon lie, upon lie, its all the same, no matter who is exuding their bullcrap---the only thing that remains constant is the truth stays's hidden---------"ENOUGH"

    Now be honest----weather you like Sarah Palin or your suffering from the early stages of dementia, there is one thing we can all agree on---------"SARAH PALIN IS HONEST"

    Sarah Palin will be our next president-------we need her more then she needs us.

  29. "Sarah Palin will be our next president"

    She's proven she lacks the attention span needed to get there.

    That's said: She's a "brassy object of fascination," as one writer said. So, she'll get all the media attention she needs (craves?). Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  30. she lacks the attention span? please explain...because it sounds like her attention span is really pissing you off. the reason i despise liberals and have zero respect or credibilty for people like you is because you continue to ignore the most blatent obvious corrupt dishonest political vermin in charles rangel, chuck schumer, chris dodd, barney frank, barack obama, maxine waters, nancy pelosi, and harry reid yet continue to attack a former successful governer because you simply don't like her abortion views and squeaky voice. how dumb is that?

    attention span??? nice try..

    I don't understand why liberals are such hateful, dishonest people on the planet.

    Why don't you just admit as much as you people try to ruin her life, she's likeable. She's "one of us." and thats what we need. I hope she runs and wins. Kiss off.

  31. Paulie From Las VegasTue Jan 05, 07:16:00 AM PST

    Anonyomous: Forgive me because I don't know you, but would like to find out more.

    Reading your first post above,you know: " Minnesota is a great Blue State. Hasn't voted Republican in a general election since Nixon. High on quality of life measurements in just about any category " I saw you praised Minnesota as a " GREAT Blue State ". I could have immediately assumed you leaned left because you were praising a BLUE STATE. You stated that Minnesota hadn't voted Republican since Nixon,true !!! in the landslide of 1972 against George McGovern.I said he/she is cognizant of political history,so I continued to give you the benefit of the doubt,and I read on.When Stacey stated more or less that half the politicians from Minnesota were looney left ie: Al Franken, you said: " You're talking about politics, I'm talking about quality of life " and I said this is reasonable person, a trait which is clearly absent from any Looney Lefty Liberal, but honestly still had my doubts, I read on.You then stated: " And crime dropped significantly in Minneapolis/St Paul this year. Double digits for most types of common crimes. Two cities with pretty liberal mayors and city councils." Once again TRUE !!!,now you've got my attention because everything you're stating so far is factual, reasonable and true !!! But being the sceptic that I am, I needed more to deduce a rational assumption, so I read on. You then stated: "Sarah Palin will be our next president" and I said is this a question or a snide remark ? At this point, he/she is totally confusing me. The catagory of these postings began with Sarah Palin, but like all posts, swayed to different subjects, so I read on.You went on to say:"She's proven she lacks the attention span needed to get there."

    That's said:"She's a "brassy object of fascination," as one writer said. So, she'll get all the media attention she needs (craves?). Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Now in this statement, I tried to use the he/she " reasonable " approach, but I detected a brash resentment, perhaps a fear, that if she ran against a Liberal female ie: Hillary,...that she could could win !!! But there were two giveaways that convinced me you leaned looney left: One was you inserted the word " craves " where " craves " wasn't in the other writers statement you were quoting, and your name !!! ANONYMOUS...revealing a " hide under the covers " from reality trait which is dominant DNA in every Liberal. Please ANONYMOUS....TELL ME I'M WRONG !!!...I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE LIBERAL !!!

  32. Anonymous---------you don't sound like a bad guy, or even desperate for attention, but sadly your brain denied you of the proper neurons needed to deduce properly, but what you lack in brain capacity you more then make up for it with your un-intended humor.

    Now, your crown cancer he has attention power.
    Yes? NO? Answer please.

    For Obama the dead soldier is nothing more then a photo-optical art---and an excuse for not bearing arms on moral grounds, that it may upset the terrorists. So in keeping with Obama's policy of showing his yellow stripes prominently to this countries adversaries, who's only intent is to kill us all, Obama embraces the attitude of nonresistance.

    How's it working---Obamas--reset--handshake--pacifism----to our enemies-----not to good----as their activity across the globe increase's because they mock his weakness---

    Show me something----post something defending him----just like him, you don't have the balls.

    Someone---anyone---show some moxie---defend this crown cancer.

  33. "she lacks the attention span? please explain..."

    She couldn't even make it through her term as Governor of Alaska. She's undisciplined.

  34. Well, dickhead, than someone who is assassinated halfway thru their term is a quitter? Was their attention span short because they didn't finish? Hmm..It isn't like she just 'quit' because she was bored with her life. I love how you liberal vermin turn your anger on a mother of five who is trying to run a state and raise a kid with down syndrome and what do liberals do to make her life a living hell''''''they blast her with frivilous lawsuits! YOU disgusting animals (liberals) whine and complain about corrupt politicians...most all of them in your own party, yet intentionally want to destroy the life of a nice conservative woman because you disagree with her. How dumb is that? You should paraise people like Palin who I would rather see step down and let someone who can put 100% concentration into maintaining the excellence the Alaska government has kept for years. *Because there isn't liberals running the state-lets keep it that way-

    You scum liberals hate Alaska anyway. Why do you honestly think Sarah Palin is dumb? Why? Why do you NOT criticize Duval Patrick, John Corzine, Kathleen Sebilious??? All LOSER GOVERNORS WHO HAVE RUINED THEIR STATES AND BANKRUPTED THEM!! Goldman Sachs, an Ivy League grad and a new Obama appointee; all LOSERS. Im sure the people of Alaska would rather have Palin that those 3 corrupt fukups. Im sure Mass, NJ and Kansas would rather have Palin!

    Why don't you go after them? ****ing hypocrites. I hate liberals. I can't wait until they are extinct.

    I like how you call her 'undisciplined.'

    So wait, according to liberals, and this is the reason I am 100% sure they have mental're saying that..

    Sarah Palin, a hockey mom with a small business, ran for council and won, ran for mayor and won, took on corruption in her own party, (something you filthy hypocrite liberals would NEVER do) and won, ran for governor and won, and did a hell of a job with 83% or so-approval rating (stay with me here loser, Im not done and don't want to hear about what happened after Katie Couric you shitbag) and she did it ON HER OWN. She didn't ride the coatails of her millionaire cheating narcisist corrupt husband into a Senate seat where she failed miserably, was absent her entire term running for President and killed jobs in upsatate NY like Hillary Clinton did, a bitch you probably look up to...right???

    Dude, case closed. I just had to get that off my chest. Do you know how stupid you look now? I don't hear a response from you dickhead..One that's going to make sense anyway...other than 'Nick calls me hoo..I need another tampon..wahhh' = sissy ass liberal men have testicles? a spine? does getting beat up your entire life by the popular kids and football team really turn you into a libb? Mommy didnt give you enough attention? (She gave me a lot, lol)

    All you scumbag liberals,,,GROW A're a dying breed...

  35. by the way....SARAH PALIN WILL BE LOVED BY MANY MORE PEOPLE down the road and here's why. I always liked Palin because I think for myself and don't listen to others who insult her because they disagree with her. I am far froma sheep like liberals are. I liked her and when she lost I was done with it. Big deal..

    THEN i hear the liberals intentionally trying to destroy this hard working mother who reminds me and a lot of Americans of our own mother.

    (Liberal women dont know what its like to raise kids. They adopt slanty eyed kids and africans because they think it's cool, they really dont care...But anyway, liberal women are usually hideous, dumb, overweight, or angry miserable people. Hard to have a and keep a husband like that right? Just look at Joy Baher and Arianna Huffington and Jeneane Garofalo..They're usually anti-marriage unless it's gay, usally anti-family..they promote singe motherhood and abortion SO IT'S NO WONDER THEY HATE PALIN)

    When they attack her like Maher, Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, Schuster etc...It made me so furious that i now LOVE Sarah Palin and I will do everything in my power til the day i die to make liberals pay for what they TRIED to do to that nice woman! I hope her son comes back from Iraq and kicks the shit out of these so-called men that made her life hell. I will help..

    I have a message for all you liberals...**** you....and watch out, because Palins ratings keep going up every week 1% and Obama's go down 1%. They are about even the math!

    Bachman/Palin- Im down!

  36. Nick----in every horse race there is only one winner----you may or may not know it now, but in your rant you just purchased the winning ticket for the next presidental race--by the way, your knowledge leaves me breathless, I don't even come up to your knee's in comparison, but I do know what I do know, I know you catch my drift---Paulie from Vegas-----science deals with the principle and criteria of validity and inference and demonstrttion----your post was like a lawyer destroying a witness on the stand---good for you.

    This is an easy prediction for me to make knowing the psyche of the general population like I do---by July 4, Obama will be polling around 40 per-cent---in head to head aganist Sarah Palin---Palin will be 3 to 5 points ahead---and from that point on it will all be downhill for the crown cancer in the W. H.

    Who will be the president in 2012 poll on this site--- there are 60 votes for Obama-----how come not one of you will come out and defend this loser----stop deflecting on other subjects and other people----stay specific on this loser----I'm waiting
    Go ahead take your best shot defending this hoax----prediction---not a one of you, will defend this loser, because you can't defend him.

    Go ahead---prove me wrong.

    The difference between a liberal and a conservative---
    2 hikers are pursued by a bear---one hiker runs away, the other stops to put on his running shoes---are you mad? said the liberal---even with running shoes, you can't outrun a grizzly,---no, said the conservative, but I can outrun you.

  37. Paulie From Las VegasTue Jan 05, 01:07:00 PM PST

    Ah ANONYMOUSY !!! IT LOOKS LIKE I WAS RIGHT !!! YOU DIDN'T RESPOND TO MY POST IMMEDIATELY AND THEN THIS !!!:"she lacks the attention span? please explain..."

    She couldn't even make it through her term as Governor of Alaska. She's undisciplined.

    You've exposed yourself to me.It didn't take long for the mask to come off and shed the Liberal darkness on you.
    Like your saviour, Premier Obamakov, you can only hide your bare inefficiencies for so long.

    Do you feel comfortable here posting among Conservatives ? If you do, reveal yourself ! What is your REAL name ?...Comrade what ? Come can do it !...we won't tell the DNC of you failed attempts to influence this site...your secret is safe with us Comrade.

  38. "than someone who is assassinated halfway thru their term is a quitter? Was their attention span short because they didn't finish?"

    Don't be deliberately obtuse, Nick.

    I'm talking about quitting because you're fed up with the job, or have your eye on other things.

    It's about commitment to to the people who elected you. You value commitment, dont' you?



    Advances on her book and book tour are somewhere between $5 million and $11 million depending on where you look. But of course she didn't "take the money and run" because Nick screams that she didn't, writing in all caps.