Friday, January 15, 2010

Sold out! Palin-Farah ticket rocks tea-party convention.Organizers 'simply amazed at the success of this event'

The upcoming National Tea Party Convention is already a resounding success – with tickets to the convention sold out and only a few tables remaining at the final banquet.

There has been a frenzy to purchase tickets since it was first announced WND founder Joseph Farah will join former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin as speaker at the first national tea-party convention. Farah plans to get Americans energized and excited about reclaiming the nation this year from the clutches of "tyrannical central government."

Tea Party Nation will host the first national tea-party convention from Feb. 4 to Feb. 6 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

"I am simply amazed at the success of this event so far," said Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation president and convention organizer. "When we first came up with this idea, we thought it would be something valuable and useful. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would be as big as it is. We're excited because it's going to be a historic event."

Phillips said at least 300 people have joined a waiting list for convention tickets. Banquet tickets are still available for a limited time. READ MORE...


  1. Watch Sarah Palin's poll numbers after this event---

    Sarah Palin calls on union members to break with their leadership thugs on the Healthcare deal---

    The back door deal that the union leaders just made is as vile as the deal Nelson made for his pockets, I mean Nebraska.

    This is the kind of deal that will ultimately be the beginning of the end for the unions, unless the labor bosses are removed and replaced with honest representatives----

    If Sarah Palin continues this way, and she will, and stand's up for what's wrong in Washington, Wall St., and so on, she will magnetise back into the fold the Reagan democrats. When Sarah runs for the presidency it will make no difference who run's against her---Sarah like Lincoln will be the people's president.

  2. What are the teabaggers scared of? Transparency? Looks like they can ask it of the Obama Administration, but they're sure not practicing it themselves>>>

    "Originally, it didn't look as though Tea Party Nation would allow media access to next month’s convention in Nashville, a gathering of activists that will feature big-name speakers such as Sarah Palin.

    "But today, the organization announced that it will allow media access — to an extent.

    "The five outlets that made the cut: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal,, and World Net Daily."

  3. It's a convention you retard..Obama is the President dickhead. We all HAVE to live uNDER dont have to be a meber of the tea party. Your tax dollars dont go to the Tea Party idiot..Our tax dollars go to the government..even for things we dont want like ACORN, LARAZA, ABORTIONS, BRIBERY, PLANES, etc...Got it idiot?

    By the way, it looks like the Tea Party took the 5 most HONEST AND CREDIBLE organizations in the media and invited whats your point dickhead?

    I see the white house tapped Kos, Huff Post (axelrods son works there, duhh) and other libb rags.,.

    Get a life..I hate dumb did you get so dumb? what was it that happened to you? Im really dying to know....

  4. I guess the only news organizations you consider honest and credible say all right things for you. The only person who looks dumb is you, Nick following the pied pipers of the right.

    "Agree with me, or you're stupid." That's really a dumb thing to say, Nick. But, I'm not dying to know what happened to you.

  5. Being a betting man for decades I have access to different props in Las Vegas, and since this is a political prop I thought I would post it on this site.

    The MGM Grand was the first casino to post this prop--

    If Martha Crockly losses with Obama supporting her, will other politicians in other state's in the future ask Obama to shill for them--

    The odds at present are 10 to 1 aganist other politicians calling on Obama---

    My sentiments, those odds are pretty low, seems like easy money betting the rest of the commies will be keeping their distance from their past fallen star--

    When Obama stumps for Croakly this Sunday, his own words will come back to haunt him---(You can't put lipstick on a pig)

    The people one again are the masters, not the politicos.

  6. Gee, I wonder why one network averages millions of users every single day...while the others are 1/8 of the viewers..Hmmm...Is there an Anonymous liberal 'stuck on fucking stupid?'
    CNN- Basement ratings
    MSNBC- Basement Ratings
    FOX- Skyrocketing...Why is that? Hmmm...Are libbs that f'n dumb?

    nme one thing on FOX that was a lie? Im waiting dickhead,

    Dickheads in denial...liberals..

    Don't get jealous..get honest..and as for pied pipers..I dont follow anyone who isn't credible so figure that out dickhead.

  7. Paulie From Las VegasSun Jan 17, 08:14:00 AM PST

    The First Amendment states " Freedom Of the Press "....if the Liberal media " wanted " to go...they wouldn't " need " an invitation to cover the event !!!...

    They don't want to go because this Palin based Tea Party Convention would give her exposure to their readers & listeners of which they reserve " exclusively " for Obamakov " and his Marxists minions. So you's simply a matter of choice on their part !!!

  8. More on the Teabagger's Confab in Opryland.

    Cost for attendance: $560 a ticket plus room an board

    Cost for bejeweled Tea Bag from Burburry: $89.95

    Cost for getting Sarah Palin: Let's believe the Nashville bloggers who say it's $120,000

    Watching a movement fall apart as it's exploited by marketers, lobbyists, political consultants and corporate interests as well as Ms. Palin (a woman who can't get enough of fame and money): Priceless.

    Learn more here:

  9. "Gee, I wonder why one network averages millions of users every single day...while the others are 1/8 of the viewers.."

    Because most people get news from several sources, and conservatives only seek out sources that validate their opinions?

  10. It averages that many because it's CREDIBLE. Now dickhead. i WANT YOU TO ASK YOURSELF 'How come ALL netowrks CNN NBC ABD CBS MSNBC etc..had to follow FOX's LEAD in the ACORN and Van Jones and Now the CSPAN story? Why? Im waiting.dickhead....

    Thought so....

    Why you are speaking for where conservatives get their sources to validate their opinions????! Are you serious? You are that fukn stupid?? wow..

    Like they can get the real news from NBC? lol...

    As for the Tea Party. the fact that you linked to a NY times.article..= ZERO CREDIBILTY...

    Not to mention the fact that you keep forgetting that the tea party ourpolled the dems ann repubs!!!! LOSER.....

    and like a liberal, you do what you only know how to do...ATTACK...because its a Palin, Bachman, Prejean and Tea partys..
    Dude, you look so stupid on keep forgetting that conservatives are far more informed and intelligent than liberals...and it doesn't matter if you disagree.

    Now, go somewhere and hide loser.

  11. Here Loser

    Tea Party more popular than Dems, GOP

    Thats a MSNBC source dickead.

    .WSJ/NBC News Poll: Tea Party Tops Democrats and Republicans

    Thats a real credible source...

    Now..this scares're a jealous what do you do? a little bitch...
    Get a life..