Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE DESPERATION! Is NBC News Suggesting Christmas Plot Was Inside Job? These People Have Mental Problems...

Richard Wolffe, a former Newsweek reporter working on a second book about President Obama, discussed the Flight 253 investigation last night on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."

In the interview, Wolffe speculates about possible infighting between intelligence agencies, and Olbermann later reported Wolffe's theory as coming from White House sources.

Wolffe, an MSNBC analyst who has met one-on-one with the president many times for his book, said the White House sees the situation "more as an intelligence lapse more than a situation of airport security faults."

Wolffe said he was speaking to White House aides earlier in the day and that Obama remains "angry" about the incident.

"The question here is why didn't the centralized system of intelligence that was set up after 9/11, why didn't it work? Is this conspiracy or cockup?" Wolffe asked. READ MORE...

NOTE- When you have spent 100% of your time promoting a total failure of a President and it's getting worse, come up with a conspiracy theory that all 200,000 of your pathetic viewers actually believe! 'Inside job! Bush did it! No, wait, it was Cheney! Yea, because we're an imperialistic nation!' Give us a break...

Liberalism has got to be a true mental disorder..

Maybe Keith Olbermann and 'Boy' Maddow should of listened to Barack Obama about not 'pointing fingers' about the 'isolated attempted man made disaster suspect.' Even though Obama is always pointing fingers at Bush and everyone else when he screws up on a daily basis. We say to liberals, 'get a life.'

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