Friday, January 8, 2010

Unexpectedly, AP hammers Obama administration on jobless report. VIDEO- How Obama cons 'idiots.'

Can you believe this guy? Watch it again if you have to...the spin and lies are unbelievable. Obama must think that all Americans are total morons. 'Only the ones that voted for you Barack.' The stuttering bumbling President lies and cons his way through phony numbers as he tries to confuse the few sheep he has left who support him. The more this 'assclown' talks, the more his approval ratings sink. This country is going down the toilet really fast and there is no way we can take another three years of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

For a while, the Associated Press seemed determined to make “unexpected” and its variants the most overused term in economic reporting. Today, they give their readers an unexpected shock by dropping the forced sense of optimism normally used in giving bad economic news in their analysis of today’s jobless report. Instead, Christopher Rugaber reports the obvious — that the loss of 85,000 more jobs is nothing but bad news, and that the 10.0% figure hides the rot underneath:

Lack of confidence in the economic recovery led employers to shed a more-than-expected 85,000 net jobs in December even as the unemployment rate held at 10 percent. The rate would have been higher if more people had been looking for work instead of leaving the labor force because they can’t find jobs.
The sharp drop in the work force — 661,000 fewer people — showed that more of the jobless are giving up. Once people stop looking for jobs, they’re no longer counted among the unemployed.

When discouraged workers and part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs are included, the so-called “underemployment” rate in December rose to 17.3 percent, from 17.2 percent in November. That’s just below a revised figure of 17.4 percent in October, the highest on records dating from 1994. READ MORE...

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