Monday, January 11, 2010

Video: Coulter, Sharpton square off over Reid remarks..Corrupt Democrat James Clyburn: What’s wrong with the word “negro”?

Jim Hoft says that Ann Coulter ate Al Sharpton’s lunch in this clip, but Sharpton keeps fighting all the way to the end of this conversation … where Coulter’s last zinger pretty much stuns Sharpton into a silent scowl. Sharpton keeps asking which Republican the Democrats have gone after for latent racism — and while Coulter misses the chance to say it, an entire nation of Tea Party activists certainly were clearing their throats: READ MORE...

NOTE- Who the hell made Al Sharpton the 'king of all black people?' Al is a moron, a 'nappy headed mooch' who obviously doesn't know his black history or anything about the civil rights movement, let alone what party Martin Luther King belonged to....what a sellout..

James Clyburn: What’s wrong with the word “negro”?

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