Friday, January 29, 2010

Joy Behar: Tim Tebow Just As Easily Could Have Been 'Rapist Pedophile' Another Dumb Statement By The Angry Liberal Cow.

What the hell is Joy Behar talking about? Yes, Tim Tebow is an amazing kid and we need more people like him and less people like Joy Behar. We are glad Joy's mother didn't abort her because she provides us with even more evidence of just how stupid liberals are...


  1. Well, duh! Don't you know that ALL men are rapist pedophiles? The feminists told me so! Tebow is just an exception to the rule.

    What a fucking cunt. I can understand being pro-choice in the first trimester or for medical reasons but I just don't understand why some people are actively trying to get mothers to kill viable unborn babies. What is the motivation to promote baby killing? Why is it such a good thing to kill a baby? The libs have yet to explain it other than possibly being "punished with a baby."

    And I'm not a Christian or even religious at all!
    Being against killing babies isn't a religious thing, it's more of a WTF? Kill babies? Are you fucking nuts? Oh, dead babies are good you say? Are you fucking nuts?

    If they are so hot on killing BABIES, where will they stop if they get enough power?

  2. For one to be pro-choice, one must first be born.

  3. Joy Behar IS a freaking argument for abortion.