Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Deficit? Obama Wants $1.35B More For Education (To Indoctrinate Our Kids And Keep Them 'Dumbed Down') Obama Is The Most Reckless President Ever..

President Barack Obama will ask Congress on Tuesday for $1.35 billion to extend an education grant program for states, senior administration officials said.

Obama was outlining the budget proposal at a Fairfax County, Va., elementary school, after joining Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a discussion with sixth-grade students.

The $787 billion economic stimulus program Obama signed into law soon after taking office included $4.3 billion in competitive grants for states, nicknamed the "Race to the Top" fund. States must amend education laws and policies to compete for a share of the money. READ MORE...

This paragraph below is disturbing, IF you are not naive and have the intelligence to understand what it really means. You would also have to know the true Obama...

The "Race to the Top" fund - and the opportunity to compete for the billions of dollars it holds - was designed to encourage states to rework their education systems and bring them more in line with Obama's vision. Education is largely a state and local responsibility.

First of all, why would you need to incentivize education with so much money that we don't have. (You must also bring yourself to finally admit that Obama is intentionally trying to collapse the system by spending so recklessly)

The really disturbing part of this is that Obama wants to rework their education systems to bring them more in line with his vision. Now what other dictator has done that before? Anyone? Anyone?

What is Obama's vision? Is it to keep our kids and dumbed down and indoctrinated with the liberal Marxist agenda? With the radical Arne Duncan and the sick-minded 'safe schools' czar Kevin Jennings working with the Marxist Obama, you can bet the house on it. We haven't been wrong on any Obama predictions and we are 100% sure on this one. This administration can't be trusted on ANYTHING...

Obama is not only further ruining the economy, our national security and our dollar, he's ruining the morality of this country while at the same time, trying to further ruin the education system and our health care system. The democrats must be stopped. There is no way the United States of America can take three more years of Obama and the liberals in congress.

Even if in 2010 the republicans took the entire house, the sneaky 'Team Chicago' (Obama-Axelrod-Emanual) along with the over 30 czars will be doing so much damage to this country we will never be able to recover.

Americans who supported Obama have to realize that he's a total fraud. It isn't like there's NOT over 1000 articles of evidence here on this site alone to prove it. His lies are on video. His campaign promises all broken, all LIES. His agenda is far left and he didn't run as a flaming liberal. He lied to his supporters and instead of being furious, these supporters are hanging on by a thread as if he is going to miraculously become a good President soon.. It isn't going to happen.

Obama supporters need to stop living in denial and understand that the evidence is there to support that Obama is a Marxist con artist and a compulsive liar. Just deal with it. How much more evidence do these people need?


  1. well said. how come other websites skirt around the truth, and don't just say it straight to the point like this one does.

    well said. it's the truth and it needs to be said straight forward. this blog in money.

    i'm a black conservative who is angry at Bush and the republicans, but most people who are not suckers will realize as bad as some republicans are, they don't compare to the criminal democrats.

    i can't think of one honorable, non-corrupt democrat. not one!

    i can think of about 35 good conservatives and several libertarians i do like who are not corrupt off the top of my head.

    Obama will destroy the USA in 2 years. it will be over. I am worried and my kids will be in elementery school soon. I don't want my kids learning anything about homosexuality and the evils of capitalism. Capitalism is how I rose out of poverty and made a better life for my family. I want my kids to learn math, how to read, write, spell and learn the real history of this country, the founding fathers, constitution etc...I do not see that happeneing with Duncan, Obama and Jennings. We have to vote these people out.


  2. Paulie From Las VegasWed Jan 20, 08:02:00 PM PST

    Marcus: WELL SAID !!!...are you sure your not the greay Conservative Colonel Allen West using the
    pseudonym of Marcus ???