Friday, February 12, 2010

BLIZZARD CREATED MORE JOBS THAN OBAMA: With man-made global warming being exposed as a fraud, 'white' jobs are more productive than 'green' ones...

Yes, it took two blizzards to save or create more jobs than Obama has created his entire Presidency. These 'white' jobs are providing income for many kids, small businesses and even illegal aliens. What are green jobs doing? NOTHING...

Green jobs, green projects, green SCAM! Anything with 'green' on it, don't buy it, it's a con. Creating 'green jobs' are a waste of the taxpayers money and will do little to nothing to improve the environment. (Unless they manipulate the job data like they did with the science data)

Why are we so easily conned by Obama, Pelosi and manufactured crisis like 'global warming' when most of the evidence is out there that 'climate change' is a fraud?

Obama is more worried about passing disastrous 'cap and trade' and health care bills that will cost trillions and do nothing to improve health care or the environment.

He sure isn't too concerned about the economy or jobs, all you have to do is look at who his economic advisers are. He surrounds himself with airheads and morons like Christina Romer, Jeffrey Immelt and Larry Summers. Most of Obama's advisers have NO private sector experience!

'Thank God for snow!' God dropped over 50 inches of snow on top of Al Gore and Barack Obama's head this week. With 'Climategate' exposing the global warming fraud and recent record snow storms, maybe it's God's way of telling Obama and Gore to stop fleecing the American people.

We're sure Obama will find someway to include a few million additional 'shovel ready' jobs 'created or saved' in his next announcement of fraudulent job numbers.

They're 'shovel ready' alright! The recent evidence of not-so-global-warming has created more jobs than Obama. Obama should pray for more snow..

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