Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'Butt-Buddies' Seth MacFarlane and Bill Maher. 'Family Guy' Creator Makes Fun of Palins Son; Maher Admits 'Government Run' Health Care Sucks VIDEO

Oh my, where do we start with Bill 'Alice the Goon' Maher, who has to use his fame and his access to the Playboy Mansion to get laid by some skank who already ran through Dennis Rodman and Scott Baio.

In this video, Maher says, 'We love the troops the way Michael Vick loves dogs.' He said that because HE doesn't feel the wars were justified, the pay isn't high enough, the medical care sucks and 'we' trick them on deployments.

First, who is 'we.' This coward doesn't have the spine to serve and as a seventeen year old, I didn't join the Marines for money, I volunteered to serve my country and that's something that Bill Maher would NEVER understand. That sissy wouldn't make it past the first day of boot camp. Another cheerleading phony liberal elitist...give me a break...

While on active duty, I received good health care. It wasn't as good as the private sector, obviously, but it was better than nothing and it was FREE. My housing was FREE. I was taught a trade for free. All my meals were FREE and I was GIVEN 800.00 a month pay which was just fine with me considering I grew up in New York and New Jersey with a single mother who was on welfare and food stamps. Shit, I just got a raise! Going into the Unites States Marine Corps (a word that Maher's President can't pronounce) was the best decision I've ever made. VOLUNTARILY joining the military is about serving proudly, having discipline, loyalty, honor, pride and respect. No 'fake-patriotism' here Bill Maher. Again, Bill Maher would NEVER understand that.

When I was discharged and had to go to the VA hospital, it was a lot different than the health care I have today. The health care was nowhere near that of a non-government facility. Some VA hospitals are a zoo and a 'clusterf**k,' as we say in the military when something is a mess or isn't organized. I went to three VA hospitals and I've never been to a VA hospital since. I'm glad they have VA health care for our veterans, but it should be the BEST health care. Let Sean Penn, Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and Nancy Pelosi use the VA. (Sorry, no botox.)

My father lived in a rural area in the south and was also a veteran who used the VA hospital, but he passed away before I had the chance to ask him if he thought it was decent health care. In rural areas, the VA might be better than the VA in the Bronx, Philadelphia or Chicago. So Bill Maher, who is a huge fan of government run health care is right, the health care for the military and it's veterans does suck, so why does he support government run health care?!? The answer is simple, it's because Bill Maher is a liberal progressive which means he's not only a hypocrite, he's an anti-American idiot...NOW, let's get to his 'buddy' Seth MacFarlane...

This is just WRONG. Whether you like Palin or not, this is such a nasty personal attack on a nice woman. Seth is a HUGE activist for gay rights (umm, they have them already) and gets very angry at the fact that MOST Americans (and our President) are against gay marriage, but FOR civil unions. So what does this IDIOT do? He attacks an honest Sarah Palin and donates $30,000 to the democrat party, which has many members who are against gay marriage, and donated $10,000 to the campaign of our President, who is also against gay marriage! (Most Muslims are against gay marriage)

Seth is brilliant when it comes to cartoons, but he's your typical angry misguided idiot with issues against conservatives who don't support gay marriage. 'Hey Seth, trust me, if people who don't support gay marriage but DO support civil unions and same-sex benefits, were homophobic, they wouldn't support civil unions with same-sex benefits.' As for gays in the military, that's another story. That decision should be left up to enlisted personnel only..who share tents, bunks, crowded bath houses etc...

The Family Guy creator could have done this differently, but remember, he's a liberal and MOST liberals are mean angry people. Liberals are also the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES you will ever know. He should have never singled out Palin like he did. He wrote this with the intention to hurt Palin's feelings and it doesn't matter whether it's a liberal or a conservative, you just don't make fun of an innocent kid with a birth defect for millions of people to see (and laugh at). One of the many reasons I despise progressive liberal elities like Seth MacFarlane. 'Man up kid.'

Palin responds...

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  1. You are soooo right! Veterans should receive the BEST health care this country has to provide. I don't understand where Bill Maher got the idea that he is an authority on anything. I wouldn't listen to him if Jesus told me to. Our troops deserve our respect, support and love - shit on anyone who thinks different.