Monday, February 15, 2010

Democrat Candidate Farouk Shami: 'Whites Don't Want to Work in Factories'

Skip to 4:02 in this video where he says, 'Time for only the white people is over.' He also said, 'white people don't want to work in factories.' We're not kidding. Click here for the VIDEO

What an idiot. Plenty of whites work in factories. Plenty of whites become supervisors, what's wrong with that? What a bigot..

Unemployment rates...even with affirmative action...(racism)

16% Blacks
11% Latinos
7% Whites

What's up with that?

1 comment:

  1. I don't even know what to say about this guy except that he is an idiot. His face should be at the top of this site.

    I am so tired of people saying whites don't want to work in factories, or mow lawns, or any other labor job. It is simply not true.

    There is a telling line Shami speaks... Whites work in the factory and want to be a supervisor or get paid more.. SO WHAT??? Who doesn't want to be promoted or get paid more? Does he think a hispanic person doesn't want a promotion or a raise?

    I can go on, but I won't. My blood is boiling.