Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DUMB VP: Brown Not Taking Biden's Guff: Sen. Brown: VP Biden 'off base' in blasting me on military tribunals

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown took a swipe at Vice President Joe Biden today -- saying that President Obama's No. 2 was “off base” when he said the Republican get his facts straight when it comes to military tribunals and whether he is aware that terrorists have the right to a lawyer.

“It was insulting,” Brown, a critic of Obama during his recent Senate campaign, told Politico.com.

The comments came a day after Biden blasted Brown during an appearance on CBS's “Face the Nation" when he said he didn't “know whether the new senator from Massachusetts understands: When you get tried in a military tribunal, you get a lawyer, too.”

“He’s trying to give me a lesson on military law, and I didn’t think it was appropriate,” said Brown. “And I thought he was off base when it comes to explaining to the American people that somehow I need a lesson on whether people get attorneys -- of course they get attorneys. There’s a difference as to what type of attorney they’re going to get and when they’re going to get that attorney, and how are they treated, and what rights do they in fact get.” READ MORE...

NOTE- Just a quick one. The fact that Joe Biden gets a free pass from the left being so stupid as a 'serving' Vice president (one heartbeat away) while they attack the civilian Sarah Palin for 'stupidity' (really outsmarting them) is a perfect example of why liberals are so disliked, disrespected, hypocritical and have zero credibility when they open their mouth. They're 100% 'top of the line' IDIOTS..

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  1. i agree! Brown served this country for 30 years while Joe Biden was a do-nothing senator alays on the wrong side of foreign policy for the same time. and bidens telling him about military tribunals?!?!!?!?

    joe can only lecture brown on hair plugs, but it looks like brown wont be needing them for a long time. some jealousy maybe?