Monday, February 22, 2010

FRAUD? Oh my: Scott Brown to vote with Dems on Obama’s jobs bill

We expected RINO's Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and the other two dirtballs who are retiring, who won't face election consequences, to vote for this bill; but Scott Brown? Did he con the people? Is he a fraud? You KNOW that at this point, any bill this President, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with is corrupt, tainted and fraudulent. You can't trust these people, so every bill that comes to the floor should be shot down. They had their chance...

If you can stomach it, read the story from HotAir.Com


  1. Michael Savage had Brown's number from the start. Warned us not to trust him, that he was no conservative. Savage was right.

  2. That's one. Maybe he honestly believes this demonstrates that he is looking out for his constituency. He claims it demonstrates bi-partasanship. I certainly won't judge on this alone. I suppose time will tell.

  3. Anonymous said----(He claims it demonstrates bi-partasanship)-----bullshit----how about just doing "THE RIGHT THING"

    American Revolutionary General and traitor Benedict Arnold sent out a press release from to the club Scott, don't know just yet, if BROWN is a closet RED.

  4. Hi Russell. Tonight Savage was calling him "Benedict Brown."
    Happy George Washington's birthday fellow patriots on IFO!

  5. Scott Brown vowed to end business as usual in Washington---not---he caved in already and it hasn't even been a month.

    What a waste---all that financial support pouring in from across the country for a democrat in disguise, what a betrayal.

    In retrospect---the tip-off was McCain backing Brown and now Brown is backing McCain---

  6. People who value privileges over principles soon lose both.

    A wise man proportions his beliefs to evidence-----all the evidence spells out clearly that the stimulus package only increases the national debt and sucks money from the private sector, purposefully bleeding businesses further---
    Benedict Brown is no wise man.

  7. Hi Yephora-----Savage is truly the eye in the sky---he is one of the few who has a conformity for the truth, his exactness and precision is incomparable----and who cares if he rubs some poor progressives the wrong way.

    You just cannot make this stuff up------Brown endorses McCain---exposed.
    And now------Mitt Romney endorses McCain----can someone please tell me what he has to gain by this endorsement---if one ever needed a reason to understand why the tea party keeps growing in numbers, look no further then Romney's endorsement of McCain---they just don't get it, the American people are finally holding politicians to account---go aganist the will of the people now at your own peril---

    Michele Backmann is starting to look better and better---she is truly one of the few in Congress who feels the pulse of the growing tea party movement----Michele Bachmann has presidental material, qualified to the max.

  8. With powerful asseverations Scott red Brown averred (to end business as usual in Washington.)

    One would hope---that men would commonly have an inclination to truth and a principle for probity, and were sensible to shame, when detected in a falsehood.

    A man noted for falsehood and villainy, has no manner of authority with us. A weaker evidence can never destroy a stronger evidence. To treat your new Senate seat with such irreverence and contempt for the American taxpayer is unworthy and vulgar, and a slap in the face for anyone who supported you.

    Play your basketball games with Obama, you are both on the same team------

  9. The thing that bothered me about Scott Brown was I never saw any anger in him - righteous, Tea Party type anger. It bothered me on a subconscious level and only after his sellout vote has it become clear. Maybe that's something to consider: the hallmark of a candidate who won't sell you out is someone as angry as you are. I'm thinking Lt. Allen West, for example

  10. Great individual detail Yephora----

    Benedict Brown killed his ardent desire for national acclaim---any rank or fame now will be mustered only in his home state-----SAD-----no different then Obama he is now exposed.

    And the worst is yet to come---this weekend more naked picture's of Benedict will be published---my, my, my how things change so fast-----