Monday, February 1, 2010

A 'HILLARY' MOMENT: Los Angeles Mayor and Black 'Wanna-Be' Antonio Villaraigosa, Drops 'Negro Dialect' to Connect With Jamie Fox..

This wasn't as bad as Hillary's moment, but it sure was pathetic and super obvious that Antonio was 'perpetrating the fraud.' Did this nutbag Mayor really suggest that Jamie Foxx run for office? The same Jamie Foxx who seems to have a problem with the same white people who make him rich? The Jamie Foxx who made several sexually suggestive and disparaging jokes regarding teenaged singer Miley Cyrus? The same 'rubber brother' who supported Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, the scumbag death row inmate who murdered 26 year old 7-11 clerk Albert Owens for $120.00? Click here to see a description of Williams crime.

Why would Jamie Foxx, AKA Eric Bishop, support such vermin?

Remember that 'wanna-be black moment' by Hillary Clinton? (See video below)

This wasn't that shocking considering that Hillary Clinton is the phoniest politician in America. She's a huge fraud and pulls stunts like this all the time. Thank God she didn't get elected. She's very lucky the shoes and earrings didn't come off of the black women in the audience...

Barack Obama also has his orchestrated moments of trying to 'act black.'

(Obama is a White, Arab and Kenyan Elitist Liberal)

Right around 4:00 of this video, you might get an urge to throw a hard straight right hand through the screen as you try to deflate Barack Obama's purple lips as he gets all 'Rev. Wright' to his audience of uneducated fools...


  1. oh shit! you ain't no joke. great article. Obama's "purple" lips! I want to smack him when he gets all community organizer. That Mayor was really bad at acting black. Tookie is now toast, literally....

  2. I cringe when I hear Hillary do that! Thirty years in the deep south and I have NEVER heard anyone talk like that. When you get your "accent" from bad movies instead of the actual geographic region this is what happens.

    When I go to NY I don't try to talk like a Yankee. I know I would get it wrong and look like a fool.