Friday, February 12, 2010

'Hope and Change' Government blows $50 million of YOUR tax dollars on a park in St. Croix. 240 Democrats supported this, NO Republicans did..

Paul Ryan, a pretty good conservative, seems to be one of the few politicians left in D.C with common sense. Here, he wonders why Nancy Pelosi is 'proud' of her bill that raises the debt, just so she can brag about it.

Let’s recap the current economic state of our country. Our deficit has been quadrupled in one year. The unemployment rate is in double digit territory, the highest its been since 1982. We’ve lost 16,000 jobs a day since the stimulus package was passed. The public debt is around $11 trillion.

None of this keeps Democrats from spending money like Marie Antoinette on meaningless projects. The latest example? Congress blew $50 million on a park in the Caribbean — St. Croix, to be exact. The vote was almost exclusively along party lines, with every Republican and five Democrats voting against it, and 240 Democrats voting for it. READ MORE...

"Please stop voting democrat! We can't afford it! When you vote democrat, you help people like Nancy Pelosi become 'Speaker of the House.' There's a ton of voters out there who do not realize this!"

YOU WOULD THINK PELOSI WOULD HAVE LEARNED HER LESSON....RIGHT? (No, because she is mentally deranged)

Liberal Jack Cafferty rips Pelosi calling her 'a horrible woman.' She doesn't care what Jack thinks, and she sure as heck doesn't care what you think...

YOU paid for this park, do you really think it's yours? Since 'we' the people paid for it, will we be able to go vacation there every year? NO, we won't. This congress is a disgrace..Nancy Pelosi should be in prison rotting away until she expires..

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