Friday, February 19, 2010

NYT: Brooklyn Accent = RAAAAACIST! Jason Mattera Speech At CPAC. Must See VIDEO For 'Obama Zombies.' Hillarious!

Longtime readers know that fearless young conservative firebrand Jason Mattera has been a great friend of mine and of Hot Air’s for years. You also know from his countless videos that he’s got a Brooklyn accent thickah than an old-growth redwood tree. Yesterday, he gave a rousing, raucous speech at CPAC in Washington, D.C.

To the apparently untrained ears of a New York Times reporter, Jason’s Brooklyn accent = RAAAACIST!

No, really.

Read it here.

And here’s the “Chris Rock” impersonation to which the delicate NYT reporter referred:

Jason responds to the NYT in an interview with Ed Morrissey.

I have a feeling this interlude with the Fishwrap of Record isn’t over.

NOTE- The NY Times has become such a pathetic newspaper, people can't even trust it to wipe their ass with it, except the editorial section which was created just for that reason.

You have to love how these white elitist liberals, the most racist intellectual wanna-be's in America, try to convince their readers that someone who isn't racist, IS racist because they don't agree with their politics.

These are the same liberals who USE gays and blacks for votes. These same hypocrites are the ones who make all of their money off capitalism and then demonize it. They protect terrorists and launch personal attacks against the children of conservative politicians while ignoring all of the corruption in the party they support.

NY Times, 'get a life and maybe your circulation won't be sitting in the basement next to NBC.'

Below is one of our favorite Jason Mattera VIDEO's. Jason is a corrupt liberals nightmare in the hallways of D.C. The NY Times would probably call this racism too just for questioning a black corrupt tax cheat congressman. Remember, Jason, who is white, questioning Rep. Charlie Rangel, who is black, automatically means racism in the mind of a 'mental midget' liberal. Oh! Did we offend dwarfs?!?

So it makes you wonder WHY liberals hate people like Jason. Shouldn't we have MORE people like Jason who hold these corrupt dirtbags accountable? It's one of the many reasons that liberals are idiots.

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