Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama’s rules of engagement: Calling lawyers for permission to kill terrorists

When we have the terrorists in our crosshairs, we are still calling the lawyers to ask permission to fire.

Quite literally.

An excellent Wall Street Journal article highlights the infuriating rules of engagement that we are operating under in Afghanistan:
When Capt. Zinni spotted the four men planting the booby trap on the afternoon of Feb. 17, the first thing he did was call his lawyer.
“Judge!” he yelled.

Capt. Matthew Andrew, judge advocate for 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, advises the battalion about when it is legal to order the airstrikes. He examined the figures on the video feed closely. “I think you got it,” Capt. Andrew said, giving the OK for the strike. READ MORE...

We should change the rules of engagement, so that the next time we have some killers in our crosshairs, we kill them before they kill us.
Pull the trigger . . . and leave the lawyers out of it.

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