Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SISSY: Palin Makes Chris 'Tingly' Matthews Cry, Pee His Pants, And Have A Psychotic Breakdown! Calls Sarah 'Frightening And Stupid' VIDEO

She might not be our next President, but she does an excellent job at pissing off losers like Chris Matthews. What a whining sissy boy..

Someone tell Chris Matthews that Sarah Palin didn't mean that Obama would literally 'declare war' on Iran. Again, he's taking things out of context. What an idiot.


Put Obama in a skirt with red pumps (He can borrow one from Chris Matthews closet) and glasses, and put Palin in an empty suit with purple lipstick. Watch video below and tell us who the stupid one is. Then let's see if Matthews loses the 'tingly thrill' that runs up his depends, and does a story on Obama calling him incompetent, frightening and really stupid. Case closed...

Oh my, this is an easy one. Palin by a first round KNOCKOUT....


  1. The left's overt detestation for Sarah Palin is the very thing that disgust's the self-governing independent's, who don't need the hostile opinion's of others for guidence, they are not bound by any political party and are turned off with all the vitriol and endless caustic speech directed at our next president----

    Every deranged smear from the left multiplies and augments the growing standing for Sarah

    The mentally challenged don't know it yet but their relentless taunting words in the final analysis will help Sarah Palin become our next president.

    It has become so apparent-------unbeknowest to the progressives, they are commiting political suicide----and if they want to hasten their own demise I will personally supply the razor blades.

  2. A thought or two----it is going to be pure entertainment over the next three years watching the progressives implode----their black souls will be on full display when they finally catch on that their progressive nirvana has turned into a perpetual nightmare----

    Let the games begin------------

  3. The really sad thing is that some of this stuff has been around before the election, and the "useful idiots" still voted for this clown. In 2010 and 2012 the electorate had better start voting for Freedom First and forget the fools.

  4. Progressive HammerThu Feb 11, 11:40:00 AM PST

    Your dumb Russell, And Sarah Palin is just as stupid as you.

    The Progressive Outrage Machine---has targeted site's like this one, teabaggers, Palin groupies and idiots like you Russell.

    Our Goal---is to undermine groups who have independent thoughts, and make them aware of the enlightened progressive movement. Organized Labor's mission, is to prevent the teabagger's dangerous ideas from gaining legislative action. Our close minded ignorance is the epitome of crass irreverence backed up with the incontestable assistance of our media lackeys.

    We on the progressive reservation----- find it amusing when we hear that Sarah Palin is a threat to our movement. Now why would that be? We only fear her because she has the potential and the veracity to expose us.

    Join us---as we alienate the old teabaggers. Our acerbic insolence delivers short-term gratification among our political base. We implore each and every one you to fall into lock-step with our movement.

    How many of you will join us?

    Russell G.

  5. Has anybody seen the aerial views of the newly released 9-11 pictures---if these pictures don't get you feeling queazy then how about an illegal alien as our president.

    When does Obama's policies become treason?
    The American people are not going to take it much longer being used as a governmental piggy bank for stimulus and bailouts.

    Did you know---the Obama admisistration is trying to modify the ERISA law---they plan to take your retirement savings and (guarantee) you a soviet-style stipend when you retire. Upon your death the principle reverts to the government instead of your heirs.
    How's that for PROGRESSIVISM?---it's the collectivists mission.

    THE PROGRESSIVE MANIFESTO-----I want each and every citizen to have no knowledge, in terms of solutions.

  6. Hey Progressive Hammer---Anyone that makes the progressives angry and unhinged is doing something right.

    Please---keep the name calling and character assassination going. Your credibility is lower then Barney Frank copulating with a female.

    For the progressive idiots that still don't get it------Sarah played you---she was not trying to hide her hand, to the contrary, she was waving it around constantly as she gestured---making sure the idiots took the bait---Sarah plays you progressives like a virtuoso---and the best music is yet to come--

    Question for the progressives---take away the teleprompter when Obama speaks, and what do you have?

    Did you know---anytime Obama is interviewed, he knows his question's in advance------(PATHETIC)
    Now you know why his school records are sealed.

  7. What did she mean when she said, " say Obama decided to declare war on Iran?" Do you know what she meant? And if so, how do you know?

  8. declare as in 'go to' war. now..if we are attacked by a nuclear weapon , congress doesn't have to get together and vote.

    but we know Obama's an appeasing bowing coward anyway.

    I would turn Iran into a ash tray. it would be over in minutes. OR i wouldn't do anything...

    Annialate the entire country. I would say, look Mamoud, Im tired of your shit. I have a lot on my plate and I have no time to be looking over my shoulder at your crazy ass. If you fuck w.the US or Isreal, I promise you that within 24 hours, missiles will rain down on you like a noreaster motherfucker. You will all die. Test me. Bye...

    Then I would ask him if we can borrow his cops, so they could come here and beat the criminals we have in this country like they beat the protesters over there. I would like the way they operate IF they did it to our coddled criminals.

    Then, BOOOM! One less problem...

  9. What a complete asshat.

  10. Go to Feb. 12, there is an article written by David Reilly---(Man up, Obama, or make way for President Palin.)

    Start preparing---in the coming months, to be reading more similar stories----

  11. Our teleprompter Charade president is not a student of history, but rather conspicuosly ignorant of the facts, Obama like the progressive ideologues, believe that political power is the ultimate diety whom to worship------these type of true believers cannot be changed

    The Obama types were doomed from the beginning, because their red vision lacks the in-SIGHT to know that socialist thinking and it's inherent policy fails and always will, because it denies economic reality.

    As the Charade's presidency heads for the greatest FAILURE our country has ever been witness to, our nation's problems will remain unsolved until-----fill in the obvious blanks.

    Only a dope (zerOBAMA) goes out of his way to master the teleprompter, to get the job of becoming president and then constantly complains how hard it really is---you think---eyes roll

    America sadly, has elected a George Soros sock-puppet------

  12. or is it repressive hammer , noone else is going to join you. Your communist condoms have burst maybe you obamamama and the rest of your sick barnyard arroma friends can give it to each other in the ass!!!