Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TINGLY MATTHEWS HAS LOST IT! Video: Noted leg thriller warns about the dangers of charismatic politicians. Calls Palin 'Ballon Head'

Has to be seen to be believed. It comes at the end of last night’s Hardball, and within minutes my friend John Ziegler tipped me off to it. Chris Matthews talks with Eugene Robinson and Susan Page about Sarah Palin’s speech and hyperventilates about “secession”, which is where Robinson picks this up, attempting to keep up with Matthews’ paranoia. At the end, Matthews actually warns Robinson that “Charismatic leaders have done this country and this world a lot of harm,” apparently oblivious to his own track record over the last two years in being Barack Obama’s number-one fanboy.

Of course, we don’t forget it, and I’ve mashed this up with a couple of highlights from Matthews’ career as a journalist in the Age of Obama:

Actual mentions of secession in Palin’s speech: zero. Actual mentions of “states’ rights”: zero. Actual mentions of the Tenth Amendment: one, in describing how Washington bribes states with money to get them to ignore it:
When Washington passed a $787 billion stimulus bill, we were nervous because they just spent $700 billion to bailout Wall Street. On the state level, as a governor, we knew a lot of that money came with fat strings attached. The federal government was going to have more control over our states. They were going to disrespect the Tenth Amendment of our Constitution by essentially bribing with us. Take this federal money and then we going to be able to mandate a few more things on you though. I joined with other conservative governors around the nation in rejecting some of those dollars.

Actual mentions of “revolution”: two, and neither in a context of armed rebellion against the US: READ MORE...

MSNBC doing what it does best, attacking Sarah Palin because she is a major threat. For the not-so-informed, see the video below to see why MSNBC operates in this manner.

Read the sidebar of this video to learn more by clicking here. We're pretty sure the 'Palin' administration would not operate in this manner. This is straight up corruption.

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Chris Matthews has lost it. No, not the 'thrill' running up his leg when a bi-racial 'community organizer' and master con artist gives a loud annoying speech with no substance, but he has lost it mentally. The President he bragged about so much about during the campaign is now a proven failure.

The bottom line is this; Sarah Palin is smarter than Matthews and Obama. She's becoming more popular and more in touch with most Americans. She's a threat to the disturbed left, and that means it's time for liberals to go into attack mode! At least they left out her kids in this attack..

Yesterday, the liberal media spent hours on 'handgate.' Some moron came up with the bright idea that Palin writing a few words on her hands is some sort of huge scandal. This kind of journalism causes people to turn off CNN and MSNBC and turn on FOX. Another viewer lost and another reason NBC and CNN are in the toilet in the ratings.

Who cares if Palin write a few reminders in her hand, we have all done that. The President of the United States, our (embarrassing) Commander in Chief couldn't pronounce 'Corpsman' and couldn't remember the name of a woman who worked on his campaign in St Louis who passed away as he politicized her death. He still thinks we have 57 states, and he can't even speak to 6th graders without using 2 teleprompters. Let's face it, Obama, without that teleprompter, is a stumbling idiot who can't keep his lies straight. That's far worse than a non-politician giving a speech at a tea party convention.



  2. Sarah Palin drives the left-loonies nuts, more then all the members of Acorn combined---every word from the MSP is driping with degogatory implication and post-negative intense hostility---which derives from their FEAR of her----and the more they display their extreme dislike, enmity, antipathy and loathing for Sarah, couched in their typical distasteful overt hatred of her, the more soldiers join Sarah Palin's Army---

    I can only hope----that they keep disparaging Sarah-----every knock of her is one more nail driven into their own self-induced coffin----

  3. This just in---news from BendOverBackwards.com: Barney Frank declared that the democrats are screwed in the up-coming elections.
    Barney also added that the only winning hand the democrats hold at present is the confidence the American people have in Barrrrrrack Obama's national security team---
    Memership of people with homosexual proclivities has doubled since the site's genesis---providing Barney with a glimmer of hope that the gay rights movement keeps bending-over-backwards.

  4. You have to love it----The White House and their lackeys go after a private citizen---Sarah Palin.

    (They never learn)----they go after Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and their ratings go through the roof.

    Sarah Palin is BRILLIANT----she loves poking fun at the loonie-left---and they take her bait---they played right into her hand(s).