Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OBAMA THINKS YOU'RE STUPID! 'There's Never Been A Program As Effective & Transparent As The Recovery Act.' Claims 'No Earmarks' & 2 Million Jobs Saved

Forget for a moment that Obama supporters are idiots. Forget that only 6% of the American people really believe the stimulus worked. Forget the poll says that 52% of the American people do NOT think Obama deserves another term. Forget his all-time low 42% approval ratings....

Obama CLAIMED' he created OR saved 2 million jobs!


The truth is that Obama has LOST 4 million jobs AND spent over a TRILLION dollars of YOUR money to do so. YOU have to pay that money back! Tax raises ARE coming whether you believe it or not. Can you believe the bullshit that comes out of this Presidents mouth? Oh the arrogance! He’s so lucky our educational system is producing idiots. Here's an idiot test; if you believe Obama in this video, you're a very naive idiot.

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The One congratulating himself for having saved America from a new depression. Which is awfully sweet, but alas, untrue:

Obama is a compulsive liar. No one in the world can dispute that as we have MANY right here on VIDEO. Every time Obama and Pelosi open their filthy deceptive grills, they're the best recruiting tool for the Tea Party movement.

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