Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video: CPAC boos speaker for condemning invite to gay conservative group

Story on this at HotAir.Com


  1. well, the Republican Party isn't exactly the party that advocates gay marriages, unions, "relationships"...whatever, so I haven't the foggiest why CPAC even ALLOWED those queers into the CONVENTION. They need go to the DNC convention where they'll be accepted by communist racists..

  2. i have no problem with gay conservatives IF they understand that 'marriage' is between a man and a woman..PERIOD.

    Gays in the military serving OPENLY is not a right. If it was a 'human right' then a 56 year old woman and a guy with a missing leg would be allowed to serve. Thought so...

    Also, being gay is a birth defect. I have nothing against civilized gays just like i dont have a problem with civilized hetero's..I don't wanna hear about their sex life. I dont want to see 'fags' (A word gays use MOZRE than blacks using the 'N' word- so dont give me that homophobic shit either) parading down the street with chaps on in a parade, pushing their lifestlye on my kids in the schools, making out in public etc...

    Gays are born gays and they can't help it. BUT, if you're going to be a gay conservative, i am all for shows you're a smart gay...dems just use gays like they do blacks, for false promises to buy their votes.

    If you are a flambouyent 'bitch' and a David Jennings Barney frank type- get lost...the democrats will take you..go be a gay commie.

    I dont have a problem with true gay conservatives at all,,,they should be invited to speak at conferences if they're conservatives as long as they share the same principles...why not? They dont bother me..there people

  3. Let's not kid ourselves: queer qonservatives are infiltrators. They are Trojan Horses whose quest is to subvert the patriot movement with their own (real) agenda, the 'GAY' agenda. See Kevin Jennings.

    CPAC should not have allowed the camel's nose into the tent in the first place.

  4. You'll see more like him. Frat boys raised on Rush Limbaugh. Check out the movie Bob Roberts.

    It took whole lot less time for Obama Derangement Syndrome to take hold.

    Conservatives will have to learn how to knowledgeably discuss Natural Law. Calvinist Religion. They're going to find a rich benefactor like George Saros. And they'll start raising money.