Friday, February 5, 2010

Video: Obama eulogizes woman buried in Obama t-shirt whose name he can’t remember! We're not even surprised anymore. What a TOOL...

Skip ahead to 8:25 of the clip. I get why Byron York and Ace are irritated by this. Just as the “corpsman” gaffe plays into Obama’s image as an insular elitist who’s removed from blue-collar military culture, this one’s irresistible as alleged evidence of The One’s egomania. A fair point by York:

Many observers have noted that the president often seems extraordinarily self-referential. It’s all about him, they say. But even those critics might be a little taken aback by the “buried in an Obama t-shirt” remark. Is it really that much about him?

Others ask how some of Obama’s statements would have been covered had George W. Bush made them — for example, if Bush had pronounced “corpsman” as “corpse-man” (as Obama did twice at the National Prayer Breakfast). Had Bush mispronounced the word so badly — and he did say some weird things — it’s likely many commentators would have rushed to fit it into their Bush-is-stupid narrative. Now, it’s Obama who’s sounding strange. And even putting aside the “corpsman” gaffe, what does the president’s telling of the “buried in an Obama t-shirt” anecdote tell us about him? (By the way, this is not about the woman and her choice — people do all sorts of things, and we respect the decisions they make — but about the president’s choosing to tell the story himself.)

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