Friday, February 26, 2010

Was Obama's Car Accident Anecdote Totally Bogus? Does This President EVER Tell The Truth?

HotAir- Sometimes, when a speaker tries telling a story to illuminate a point they want to make, they end up illuminating themselves more than any moral of their tale. Barack Obama fell into that trap yesterday during the health-care summit when he tried to argue that some insurance policies are not equal. As if that wasn’t obvious enough, President Obama then made it clear that he doesn’t get it at all.

Why would they have laughed at a Harvard graduate who tried to file a claim? Because Obama hadn’t bought collision insurance. The only insurance drivers in most states have to carry is liability insurance, to cover damage they do to the cars of other drivers. Obama explained in this clip that he only bought the legal minimum, not collision or comprehensive, which would have covered his damage. When people buy insurance, it’s made very clear exactly what it covers. Most drivers can understand it … even the Harvard Law grads. That may have been why “Acme” laughed when Obama attempted to file a collision claim when he hadn’t bothered to buy that policy.
One more point: a rear-end collision is almost universally presumed to be the fault of the driver who hits the rear end of the other. Obama should have been calling that driver’s insurance company … if this actually ever happened at all.
If this anecdote proves anything, it’s that Obama never learned a thing about insurance — hardly the man we’d want to have remaking the entire health-insurance sector.


  1. that was soooooo obviously a lie. why do liberals let him get away from lying so much. i hated bush, but i think i'm starting to realize that maybe he wasnt that bad afterall.

  2. this dumbass president man/child would.nt know the truth if it bit him in the ass , the sad thing as he thinks all americans are going to eat this shit up !HEY IDIOT YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE ! AND STOP DRINKING YOUR OWN BATH WATER !