Monday, February 1, 2010

WHAT A WUSS: Did Obama Bow to the Mayor of Tampa? What's Wrong With This Dude?

Oh my! "A 'real' brutha ain't bowing to nobody." Obama's such a sucker and an embarrassment! Maybe he bows because of his history as a 'brown noser.' He is afterall, a 'weak-minded' individual. He has to be weak if he just sat there like a sheep in class at Columbia University and listened to all of those radicals like Bill Ayers drill all that crap into his head his entire life, without challenging them or thinking for himself. It's why he is, and always will be a failure at President and a master of the con game. Conning large groups of people IS what Obama is good at. And sucking up to foreign leaders (and Mayors?) lol...C'mon Barry...

1 comment:

  1. i,ll bet he bows to harry reid with his( harry,s) zipper down