Monday, March 22, 2010

Al Sharpton: "The American Public Overwhelming Voted For Socialism" When Electing Obama For President. "Rubber Brother" Al Finally Tells The Truth!

He has a point. Millions of Americans did vote to 'fundamentally transform' America. Those people are called 'idiots.' Don't blame us, we didn't make them dumb....See dumb people below applauding Obama. What a bunch of morons...

You asked for, and now you have it, the transformation of your once great Republic into a country where the State is the all powerful force that controls almost every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. In fact with their new healthcare plan they'll even hasten your entry into your grave by denying you care if they deem you not worthy of it because of your age and your lack of usefulness to the collective.

For the youth of the country they are now stopping the private government backed college loans in favor of government only loans that do not need to be paid back if you "choose" to serve the government for ten years. So now instead of starting your career in the private sector where all the wealth is created, they want you to serve the government, the very government that is sucking the private sector dry of its wealth.

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