Sunday, March 14, 2010

BARACK OBAMA WAS NEVER A PROFESSOR: Mark Levin Interview With University of Chicago Dr. John Lott. Obama; 'People Shouldn't Be Able To Own Guns.'

Part 1

Part 2

A part time lecturer is not a professor. Now who is more credible, John Lott, or Barack Obama, a man that has lied hundreds of times on record? Only an idiot would believe Barack Obama, so those people can continue to live in denial.

If you listened to this interview, Lott's description of Obama is dead on. It's too believable. Many people already knew Barack Obama was going to run for office before he got to Chicago. Why do you think he joined Trinity church, the largest 'black liberation theology' church in the country. Why did he work with ACORN? It's too hard for liberals to put all of this together because it takes intelligence and rational thought. It's why conservatives are smarter, far more informed and less naive. It's hard to con a conservative...or win an argument with one.

So why do people continue to support a Marxist-minded con artist like Barack Obama? We believe it's the mental disorder called 'liberalism.' Many leading psychiatrist's have diagnosed political liberals as mentally disturbed.

Do these people ever wonder WHY Obama worked so hard to make sure his records from school were sealed? It's really sad that we have so many blind 'sheep' in this country that just can't put it together...

Professor your ass...

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