Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bash America Movie Night! Obama Hosts White House Movie Night with Hanks, Spielberg

Why does Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and others love Marxist's like Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama so much? This says a lot about Obama's way of thinking doesn't it? Just throw in Wright, Ayers, Rezko, Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Andy Stern, Van Jones, Browner, Sunstein, Khalidi, Stone, Gates etc.. Yea, our President is an anti-American radical. Deal with it...

(NewsCore) - President Barack Obama hosted a movie night at the White House for Hollywood heavyweights Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg on Thursday - at which they watched a preview of the star duo's new World War Two miniseries "The Pacific."

The HBO series - shot in Australia - tells the story of the U.S. Marines' struggle against Japanese forces in the Pacific.

Hanks and Spielberg - who worked together on WWII movie "Saving Private Ryan" and HBO TV drama "Band of Brothers", along with HBO's Gary Goetzman - were joined at the screening in the White House theater by military top brass, Fox News reported.

After the screening, Hanks and Spielberg dropped by the White House press room - apparently to inspect the espresso machine Hanks gave the press corps back in 2004.

A good thing too - as the star actor promised to buy the reporters a new one.

"This one is on its last legs," he said, quipping: "You know, you are supposed to clean this after every use."

He added: "We're just trying to combat sleep deprivation, enjoy!"

The Pacific is to premiere Sunday.

It doesn't matter if they disagree, we DO have an anti-American President. Who would of thought so many Americans would be dumb enough to NOT see the OBVIOUS signs?


  1. you made a good point. can't argue with that. he seemed cool..i hated Bush..Im sorry..didnt know I was voting for someone far worse. i promise, i wont vote again.

  2. I'd have to see the movie before I called it anti-American.

  3. hey didn't say the movie was going to be anti-American, it's the discussions they will be having, and dont give the 'how do you know' crap. Need help, listen to all of them on YouTube and the Pezzz apologizing.
    liberals are dumb as shit.

  4. You're not exactly a genius either, Nick.

    Maybe after the movie they sat around, drinking beer and trying to outdo each other in anti-Americanism. Maybe the guy who said the most anti-American thing won dinner at that restaurant of their choice. But you'd have to be there to know, I suppose.

    Are you going to watch the movie, Nick?

  5. likeminded people. america sucks seems to be their sure they will talk about it a bit, then watch a movie. sounds gay to me.
    a bunch of left wing closet fags huddled around buttered popcorn to watch a chick flick is more like it. this president is really a disgrace. cant wait til he is walloped in 2012 if he makes it that far. impeachment should already be on the table, but the reps dont have the spine to go through with it cuz he's partially black

  6. I'm sure that's the reason, Situation, not the simple fact that they'd first have to have some impeachable offenses. Evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors of some type. Then they'd have to prove them, with something other than YouTube videos.

  7. YouTube videos are a democrats worst nightmare..why not use it? It's real evidence you nerd. You are just another nut case in denial. I won't argue with Obama supporters because they are the dumbest blind bastards Ive ever seen.