Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Video:Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin Agree on Massa Disaster. What Michelle Obama's Obesity Fight is REALLY About. AUDIO: Pelosi's NUTS and a LIAR

Michelle Malkin is 100% correct. How many people in this country know that this obesity campaign is really about payback to the SEIU union, who work the cafeteria's all over this country? Not many....most just think she cares about fat kids and is just a caring first lady...'give us a break!'

How many people listened to the mentally challenged Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi audio and scratched their heads saying, 'what the hell did she just say?' Not many.

Most people are too busy working, taking care of the kids, or watching 'The Housewives of Atlanta' and 'Dancing With The Stars' to get involved in watching something that will affect the rest of their lives and it's sad. The democrats know this. If you don't think they sit around saying things like, 'so what, MOST of the American people are too busy to be worrying about what we do,' you're very wrong about that. Some of these statements you can find right on YouTube; the democrats biggest enemy!

Video's like this show what these scumbags like Schumer really think of the American people. He once said that Americans are too busy working, taking their kids to school to know what 'we're' doing. Or was it Rangel? Either way, they're right...

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