Friday, March 5, 2010


So Tom Hanks makes fun of FOX because they are the only cable news outlet doing their job. Nice, but it shows just how far out of touch these Hollywood flea bags are with the American people. We have news for Tom Hanks, who made fun of the Tea Parties, these are the same people who have bought and still buy all of his movies, which makes him the millionaire elitist that he is. He can't stop the tea party people, but they can boycott his movies.

Is Hanks mad because he thought Obama was such a genius and he turned out to be a total failure, a compulsive liar and the most corrupt, incompetent President in U.S. history? Who would have thought that Tom Hanks, the cool guy from 'Bachelor Party' and 'Forest Gump' would support a Marxist President who managed to CON millions of people. It makes you wonder why Hanks would do that. It's not like these FACTS about OBAMA are speculation or's the truth. We're so disappointed..

Will Ferrell must of fell on his head at birth. He's funny, and as 'Frank the Tank' in 'Old School,' he was hilarious. Who would have thought he would be a flaming misguided liberal, and hypocrite. Remember all of these leftist dirtballs make their millions off of CAPITALISM. They will NOT use the 'government run' health care they want you to use. Many of them cheat on their taxes, but support tax hikes for EVERYONE. Don't buy the liberal BS 'tax cuts for the rich.' line; That's a scare tactic. It just hurts small businesses and that hurts everyone. See Obama's disastrous unemployment numbers. Not's 18%.

Under Obama, over 4 million jobs were lost SO FAR (there's more coming, trust us) but 7000 'government' jobs were created! Anyone can print money and make up job titles and hire. YOU'RE paying for it.

'Real professional there Spicoli.' Did Hugo Chavez teach him to handle reporters like that? A few days ago, Sean Penn wished all of his critics 'rectal cancer.' What a douchebag... We would LOVE to see where Sean Penn would go to get treatment for his ass-cancer if government run health care passes. You know he won't use it because he's your typical elitist toilet bug... See video below..

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So, why are they all back bashing former Presidents on SNL? Carter, Clinton and Obama along with the democrats in Congress are responsible for the housing collapse. Obama's still bailing out the banks and making up stimulus bills bankrupting this country. Obama's in the pocket of the trial lawyers, big pharma and Wall Street AND insurance companies! These Hollywood dopes really think we the American people are effin retards.

Are they worried that Obama's socialist agenda and the 'transformation of America' is in jeopardy because the American people are finally waking up? Looks that way...


  1. Hollywood people have no business commentated on anything beyond their last movie its only a job and you have to have some natural talent to do any job , for anybody to be influenced by someone who makes movies , is successful, has a bleeding heart ,and has a guilty conscience, is a fool ,

  2. sean penn must have had shared the same bathwater with tom hanks out of a pitcher

  3. Obama is the sigh of the oppressed masses, the heart of a heartless world. Man, looks for a superman in the fantastic reality of heaven and finds nothing there but the reflexion of himself. Don't look towards the stars, "Obama is the movement," who dares to carry out a revolution, who is not fearful of a counter revolution. Analysis be damned, criticism is no passion of the head, it is the head of passion. Leaders don't fear being rebuked, they do the rebuking. Obama recognizes the mistakes within the framework of a government system which, living on the preservation of all its wretchedness, is itself nothing but wretchedness.

    What a sight. The division of society into its most manifold races opposed to one another by petty antipathies, uneasy consciences and brutal medioctity, and which, precisely because of their reciprocal ambiguous and distrustful attitude, are all, without exception although with various formalities, treated by their rulers as conceded existences. No more, for man to be the highest essence of man, man must be free from the controlloing influences of the traditional mores of an economic system characterized by private and corporate ownership and return to the collective of the shared pot of gold. Under Obama everyone gets a full and fair portion of the plowshare.
    The Hollywood celebrities grasp the greatest of their president and mock the slings and arrows of the misguided.

  4. In Touch, I am afraid to take up your challenge for a debate---not---

    Al (shakedown) Sharpton is an African-American Baptist Minister of 'Bullshit, who has read a few books and has turned being mendacious and fallacious into an art form----he is mostly not dangerous, his only followers are idiots and pure-racists---and the only reason this baffoon is still on the scene is because of the socialist MSM.

    You, mr./miss "IN TOUCH" are truly dangerous---you are a teacher of rhetoric and pseudo philosophy, masked in adroit subtle and often specious reasoning, a deceiver that makes your president Obama seem like an amateur---

    You are not a man or a woman with a moderate intellect and a moral standard higher then the average----In TOUCH, You possess rhetorical affluence and a great glibness of speech. You live behind a mask of a smattering of science and learning and pass yourself off as a person of profound instruction, where your platitudes will be accepted as wisdom and your bigoted narrowness as a holy zeal. You have become nothing more then an evangelical preacher trying to reconcile your small ability to your great ambition and your superficial knowledge as the prestige of erudition, and your middling morality for a high reputation and sanctity.

    In Touch, you are cold and cautious and perceive violations in the status quo, encroaching always on the rights and privileges of the average American. Your impractical extremes are purely theoretic, not unlike your Obama. You are a lying prophet and an unclean spirit. You may gain a pulpit and bind your audience in lilac and gold and set yourself up as an interpreter of prophecy in the prediction of political events, tickling the interests of your hearers.

    You may have an advantage over other public speakers. Like the writer of imaginary conversations, you place what imbecilities you please into the mouths of your antagonists and then swell with triumph when you have refuted them. Riot if you please in your gratuitous assertions, confident that no man will refute you as long as you have conveniently omitted the inconvenient facts. You may for a while with impunity, certain that your hearers are not truly listening remain viable-----but know this--
    (Your pagan-god Obama was like you are today, and look at him now.)

    Your teleprompter orator is now subject just like your sophistry is, to the rising criticism's of hisses and groans.
    In Touch you have a brillant mind---pouring water on dead flowers is a waste---don't continue to pour water on your mind.

  5. and you win the fool of shit award ! such a waste of words ! i,ll bet you bow lower than obama and probably to the mailman! DUMBASS! this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! smoke that instead of whatever it is you,re smoking.

  6. Russell, you got schooled. Your sometimes witty and wealth of philosophy is no match for In Touch. Nice try though.

  7. okay, after readin all these comments..I'm sorry upity and anonomous- Russ makes a far better point as does most of his posts. you can't be honest and serious at the same time when you say that Russell got schooled. That sounds like a good thing to say when you have no good response. you know, I tried to be a liberal for a few hours to see what it was like, but I felt really dirty and my conscience couldnt allow it to happen.

    By the way, what's up with the closet homo democrat Masse? are you guys running away from him? Now, is he all of the sudden a liar when he speaks about the corrupt lies bribes and bullying in your democrat party just because he has a taste for poop? You f=guys stuck by frank, why not Masse? He sounds pretty DEMOCRATS ARE FINISHED..

    'Masse in the Asse' will go down as a whistleblowing' hero.

    Democrats are now homophobes! Wow! This is great! And he has cancer, so now they are not only racists, their homophobes and insensitive to a fellow congressman who has cancer.