Monday, March 8, 2010

SHOCKING! Eric Massa: Dems railroaded me because I opposed ObamaCare bill; Exposes Chicago style politics; Update: Eric Massa audio added. Railroaded?

We actually believe Eric Massa, and compared to what DEMOCRATS Charlie Rangel, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done, what Eric Massa did was NOTHING. In fact, Barney Frank has done what Massa is accused of doing quite often. At least UNLIKE Barney Frank, Eric Massa doesn't have a gay lover running a prostitution ring out of his D.C apartment. The simple fact that Frank, Pelosi, Dodd and Rangel are still politicians, makes the incarceration of Bernie Madoff seen 'unfair.'

Why are DEMOCRATS trying to run Eric Massa out of congress when he did NOTHING compared to the above mentioned dirtbag politicians? Is it because he voted against cap and trade? Is it because he's against Obama's DISASTROUS government run health care? This MIGHT shock you, but we actually believe this democrat, even though he mentioned he was good friends with John Murtha, which is scary. BUT, his description of Rahm, Pelosi and Hoyer was just WAY too accurate and so typical of liberal politicians and the Chicago machine. He's definitely telling the truth...

HotAir- When allegations of sexual harassment involving Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) arose last week, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claimed that he warned Massa’s office to forward them to the House Ethics Committee or he would do it himself, and that they duly complied. In an interview yesterday, Massa — who will resign from office today — claimed that Hoyer lied, and that he first heard of the allegations after Hoyer went public with them. Massa accused Democratic Party leadership and the White House of railroading him in order to get him out of the way of ObamaCare:

Roll Call reports this morning that on the local radio show he hosts in his district, Massa said he had not been informed of the sexual harassment allegations before they became public. He claimed that Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., spoke falsely when he said he had brought the matter to him previously, Massa said. “Steny Hoyer has never said a single word to me, at all, ever, not once,” Massa said. “Not a word. This is a lie. It’s a blatant, false statement.” READ MORE...

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  1. Shocking Indeed:
    It is the height of hypocrisy that the demo commie bastards want to use morality aganist their own members so that they can pass an unethical bill in an unethical way.

    Amazing, they can ignore the law and then break the law until it suits them.

    I have a simple solution----Eric Massa, become a Republican----that would be the perfect revenge aganist the democommies.

  2. The railroad tracks go both ways----If they try to expose you, why not expose them-----