Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chris Matthews Gets Schooled By Tea Partier. Makes Mince-Meat Out of Matthews and a Brainwashed Princeton Professor..

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Chris Matthews seems to be frustrated by the intelligence of Dana Loesch as she schools Matthews and Professor Harris-Lacewell.

Pivoting off a New York Times column by Frank Rich that accused tea partiers of being more afraid of "a black president and a female Speaker of the House" than by oncoming big government, Chris Matthews, once again, accused tea partiers of sexism and racism, on Monday's Hardball, and even brought on a Princeton professor to buttress his charges.

However conservative talk show host Dana Loesch was on hand to rebut, point by point, Matthews and his guests' ugly accusations about the right as she fended off allegations of Birtherism by pointing out the nutty Trutherism that exists on the left and denied charges of secessionism by clarifying the tea partiers are about 10th Amendment principles.

For his part Matthews claimed the Birthers were a fixture on the right but Truthers weren't "a part of the Obama coalition."

Admitted leftist Chris 'Tingly' Matthews, who happens to have a 'man crush' on Obama, is an ignorant jackass.

As for Professor (God help us) Melissa-Harris-Lacewell, she really can't help that she's been brainwashed her entire life by liberals and when asked a question by Matthews about the tea party, she based her opinion not on facts, but on some book she read. Listen to her RIDICULOUS answer! The fact that this woman is a professor is SCARY.

Does Chris Matthews even know that the 'birthers' movement was started by Philadelphia attorney Phillip Berg, a lifelong registered democrat? Matthews also had the nerve to say the media NEVER questioned McCain's citizen status. Click here and read what the NY Times did to McCain.

As for Barney 'fag,' people don't dislike Barney Frank because he's gay and likes young boys, or because his boyfriend ran a gay prostitution ring out of his D.C. apartment, or because he smokes the bologna pony, or puts his manhood in another mans pooper; we could care a less! Frank being gay doesn't affect our lives or our bank accounts. People despise Barney Frank because he's a CORRUPT, obnoxious, rude, arrogant, elitist liberal who helped destroy the housing market with his reckless decisions and poor judgement.

People don't dislike Nancy Pelosi because she's a female, they dislike Nancy Pelosi because she's mentally retarded, reckless, corrupt and has an 11% approval rating! She's your typical San Francisco elitist pig. She's the most despised political figure in America and a hypocrite.

Dana Loeschmade some good points that frustrated Mathhews, making him look like the clueless hypocrite he is. Does Matthews remember the VICIOUS left-wing attacks on Bush wishing him DEATH?!?

You have NEVER seen the Tea Party movement with signs like this. (Below- for slow liberals)

The left is far more vicious, nasty and dangerous than the right. The left is also more racist and more destructive to society. They control most of the media and education and will always try to lie and distort the news, facts and events, but the American people are no longer buying their bullshit.

Conservatives are far more civilized, informed, patriotic people and far less dangerous than the kooks on the left. Give us a break, it's not even close.


  1. Blowhards. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think? The world is complicated and most republicans (Hamiliton, Lincoln, Roosevelt) believe that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now its about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. The sainted Reagan passed the biggest tax increase in American history and as a result federal employment increased, but facts are lost when mired in mysticism and superstition. Although some republicans are trying to distant themselves from this fringe most of them are just going along and fanning the flames. Lets face it the Republicans had 8 years to deal with health care, immigration and financial oversight and governance and they failed. They could not even win one of the two wars they started, the body bags are still coming in. The Republicans wanted to give Obama his Waterloo defeat over healthcare but instead they gave themselves their own Waterloo defeat by not participating in the debate of ideas and by becoming the party of obstructionist. But they now claim they have changed, come on, what sucker is going to believe that?

  2. right- so dumbasses like you think that we should make it 20 times worse with Marxist policies starring the most incompetent conartist's on the planet. What a jackass.

    I'm a libertarian and if we don't get Ron Paul and Reagan types in there to fix Bush and now Obama's mess, were fucked.

    Reagan I lived through and he did well. Better than Clinton-Bush-Obama.

    Get a life.

  3. "most incompetent conartist's on the planet."

    If they've conned a lot of people, wouldn't that make them competent con artists?

  4. no, because their incompetence makes them believe Marxism WILL work when it has ALWAYS failed. Therefore, they believe Marxism is the way to go, but they have to lie to people to get it done. So that one could swing both ways. Like you probably do.

  5. No, I'd have to say their competence at conning seemed to the thing in question from Anonymous. It's clear.

  6. the way I read it, it looks as if it was describing a group of people, democrats obviously, a group of incompetent people and con artist's , one or the other. I'm sure thats what it really meant. you have incompetent people, like Joe Biden, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, and smart con artist's like Harry Reid, Sheila Lee Jackson and Barack Obama. Cleared up?

  7. correction- mistake- Sheila Jackson Lee- and she's not a smart con artist, she would fall under just plain stupid.