Thursday, March 25, 2010

DRIVE BY SHOOTING AT REP. ERIC CANTOR'S OFFICE: Democrats “dangerously fanning the flames”

Eric Cantor just held a press conference to address the threats and violence that have been made against him. After announcing that someone shot a bullet through his campaign office, he quickly condemned not only those who are committing the acts of violence but also those who would use it for political gains. He specifically called out DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and DCCC Chris Van Holland for fanning the flames of violence.

So I guess we can blame this on the tea party members too? He did the right thing by not using this to make political statements or for political gains. He never once tried to pin this on constituents on either side of the isle.

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  1. I find it amusing that with previous vandalisms of leftist organizations, the left immediately blamed the protesters; then later it was found to be leftists who committed the crime.
    Now I wonder if they'll also find that these may have been staged to set up the citizens opposed to Obozocare as domestic terrorists.

    Given the fact that there was a clip of Obozo speaking in Iowa today stating that this IS the first step to getting to nationalized "single payer" health care. I guess the concerns everyone had about this being a government takeover was totally correct. As well, for those critics who says it was about providing health care for those without any, it gives us the opportunity to tell them they are either stupid or full of crap.
    These idiot tools are coming out of the woodwork spewing their agenda openly and yet there's people who have the audacity to defend them..... Please! If these people want to live under communism, provide them some boats so they can start their own boot flotilla to Cuba.

    If Obozo weren't a socialist statements like this wouldn't be getting made by the regime and its supporters in Congress, would it?

    *Fear The Voices*