Monday, March 22, 2010

Flash Mob Of Obama Supporters Celebrate Free Healthcare In 'Kiladelphia.' Thanks To Democrats, You'll Be Paying For The Healthcare Of People Like This

Yes, these are Obama supporters. Only a liberal idiot in denial would disagree. This is just the beginning of what's to come. With the moral decline of this nation and a culture so mangled, combined with high unemployment and a sense of entitlement, expect to see this a lot more. Maybe they were celebrating YOU paying for THEIR health care. It's amazing they have access to the Internet to arrange these 'flash mob' meetings, but no money to pay for health care. Hmm....

One of the many reasons we're against 'universal health care' is for one, it's not a right. It doesn't matter what liberals say, they're wrong.

Another reason is that we shouldn't have to pay for illegal aliens and the irresponsible behavior of people like this. Smokers, drug addicts, over eaters, gang members, skateboarders, alcoholics and unprotected sex along with many other risky forms of behavior should not be rewarded with free health care off the backs of hard working, responsible Americans who lead healthy lifestyles.

There are tens of millions of idiots out there just like these ones in the two videos who will now keep their cell phones, digital cable, new cars, tattoos, designer clothing, jewelery and 'going out' money for booze YOU can pay for THEIR health care.

Liberals can 'sugarcoat' it any way they want and it's still bullshit. We found hundreds of videos just like this in every major city of meaningless street fights and flash mobs. Many of these people are not productive citizens, but tax eaters and menaces to society who will seek medical treatment and burden the civilized citizens of this country.

The society and culture we live in encourages this type of behavior so let's reward them! That's real smart huh?

We're sure these are just hardcore conservatives and 'teabaggers,' right?

NOTE- In the Philadelphia incident, Seth Kaufman was beaten by a group of black men, kicked 20 times and punched about 50 times for no reason while working hard to keep his South Street Pizza place open so these toilet bugs could eat. Will they be charged with a 'hate crime?' (Of course not)


  1. I know not to actually expect things of substance from this site, but the video's from last year. How does it have anything to do with the healthcare bill? Hell. How is there ANY Political motivation at ALL in this?

  2. I think the point flew over your head, just like Obama's lies do when you retards applaud him after he tells one. It's just how stupid liberals are. As for substance, this site has more substance than your left wing talking points site. At least here I can see video evidence and information that it true backed up by facts and evidence.

    How do you people become so dumb? I've never seen such flocks of dumb sheep in my life.

    I seen these two videos and I agree, I shouldn't have to pay for these peoples health care. What are you so confused about? I sure as hell don't remember all these flash mobs and ghetto street fights going on in the 50's young man. I suggest you grow up and become a man. You're writing and whining makes it seem like you are too weak to do for yourself. You have been brainwashed and conned like a weak slug. A real wimp.

  3. Remember this t-shirt slogan from a few years back?: 'It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand.'

    Well, OH YES WE DO!