Thursday, March 4, 2010

HATE CRIME? 6-8 Black Girl Clocks White Girl On Basketball Court!

Baylor's super freshman Brittney Griner was ejected from a game against Texas Tech after she punched an opposing player in the face.

Would the 6-8 freshman sensation Brittney Griner have punched a black player? Did she go the extra mile of punching the opposing player because she was a white girl? We think it's possible..we think if it was a black player, Brittney would have jawed at her or just shoved her back, not slugged her with a hay maker.

You won't see this go any further than a soft suspension though, mark our words. Brittney SHOULD be banned from stepping on the court again for the rest of her college career. Maybe she could take up MMA while working on her degree or just go to the WNBA.

By the way, we were joking about the 'hate crime' accusation. We're against 'hate crime' laws because the law would never work fairly. It's just a political suck up by democrats to gather gay and minority votes while doing nothing else. All crimes are 'hate' crimes.

Brittney should be charged with simple assault at least. This wasn't some 'jab,' she threw, she tried to take that girls head off. A suspension would be a joke.

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