Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HE THINKS WE'RE STUPID: Arrogant Obama Knows Best? Vows to Force-feed Americans Bill They Hate. VIDEO- Former Obama 'Idiot' Wakes Up...

This naive 'idiot' has finally put down the kool aid. Did he really think Obama was going to save him?

Barack Obama: I'll steamroll health reforms through Congress

President Obama declared for the first time today that he is prepared to steamroll his troubled health reform legislation through Congress with only Democratic support, a move Republicans denounced as the “nuclear option”.

Signalling that his patience had now snapped after a year-long fight over health reform, Mr Obama laid the ground for Democrats in Congress to muscle the Bill through using a high-risk legislative maneuvre known as reconciliation, which overrides a Republican filibuster. READ MORE...


  1. This is not just an abuse of power the man/child is now losing his patience as only he knows how to do, for a president he does,nt know the 1st rule of engagement (diplomacy) he,s going to slapped like a step child. he does.nt even relize he,s pissing up a rope

  2. Walk the plank--------I love it, the democommies are committing Hara Kiri for a president who despises and uses them for the fools that they are.

    Let the disembowelement begin------progressives, please begin your ritual suicide, of becoming as irrelevant as dead rats.

    After they sign this suicide pact------the democommies support will shrink it's base to the low 30's, comprising of blacks and the welfare slugs.

    Every single "Progressive" is marked for removal-------------------It will be pure pleasure seeing the democommies "IMMOLATE THEMSELVES."

    The New Napolean, Obama the red---------meet your WATERLOO----Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo in 1815 Belgium, will seem like child's play when the November election's roll around-----a new army of American's is going to rout Obama and all his communist leaning bastards into oblivion.

  3. Psychological Profile---the human head and face of a Marxist president portrays the significant features of a an aging man who pines away for the love of his own reflection, who's will is always directed toward his insatiable need of adulation and who is incapable of ever being satisfied.

    Quenchless, like a man without water for 3 days in the blazing hot sun of the desert, Obama can never be satiated.

    For all one is worth-----the farm, (the health care bill) and all the land that surrounds it is on the line for Mr. narcissuses----

    I'm deserving of my effort------as many heads as it takes on the chopping block are of no concern to him as long as he achieves his badge of honor--------

    And in the end------Obama's fashionable trifle's, conceit and inflated pride will prove to be valueless, as empty as he is vain-----------------------but so many people will have paid the price for this man who is so in love with himself.

  4. Some buddies of mine told me about this site. I didn't believe them, oh my. Why is there so much prejudice on this site. No kind of bondage can be shattered without every kind of bondage being shattered. America cannot revolutionize without revolutioning from the foundation. The laboring class who lack their own means of production and sell their labor to live our the very people Obama embraces to raise their social and economis class. Instead of demonizing him you should be praising him. Obama will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

  5. In Touch------are your buddies Marxist college professors that are infesting the collage campuses across this country.
    Your Marxist ideology has failed numerous times and your typical class warfare pitting the bourgious aganist the the proletariat is classical Obama melodrama.

    Philosophy cannot be made a reality without the abolition of the proletariat, the proletariat cannot be abolished without the philosophy being made a reality---interesting spin.
    The Marxist find's it's material weapon in the poor and uneducated people and beguiles them so that the proletariat believes that it's spiritual weapon lies in the philosophy of Marxism.

    The problem back in the heyday of Carl Marx and at present is----that the only ones joining your ranks are the foolish and the imprudent that you cultivate like nurturing flowers, conning them into believing that they are important principle's of society, when in fact you use them as a means to an end, and that end is always trying to complete the re-winning of man with the Marxist elite being it's masters.

    In Touch, you are out of touch.

    I commend this site for allowing an obvious Marxist to spatter it's poison in the guise of enlightenment.

  6. /Russel do you have the passion and the courage for a debate. Its rare , for a rightwinger like you, to display erudition. Warning, I am a political and literary journalist extraordinaire.