Sunday, March 14, 2010

HOW PATHETIC! Video: Dems Exploit Kid for Obamacare. Reason 943 We Despise Liberals....

Oh my, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, two of the most left-wing scumbags in the Senate.

What's so pathetic about this video is not just the use of a kid with a sob story, it's the fact that they claim 70 people a day will die if their 2700 page 'pile of shit' health care disaster BILL doesn't pass. Then blaming it on republicans when the democrats have the majority and can pass this without republicans. It's their own DEMOCRATS that are blocking this bill, because like we said, the bill is one giant 'pile of shit.' This is just one of the MANY reasons we despise liberal democrats.

We know the republicans have their problems but they don't compare to the democrats when it comes to corruption and 'anti-Americanism.'

Democrats are the masters of hypocrisy, deception, exploitation, oppressors of minorities, women and children through targeted indoctrination, smears and personal attacks. They are the masters at 'manufactured crisis' and using fear to push their radical agenda. Most are radicals who idolize Mao, Castro and Chavez and believe in Marxism and European socialism. Some are just 'tax and spend' idiots who have never met a payroll or ran a business. Others are just mentally ill..

Examples of 'manufactured crisis' and using fear to promote them are climate change, health care and stimulus. They say, 'we must pass cap and trade, health care and stimulus now or else disaster will occur, the world will end and people will die,' KNOWING it's all a bunch of horse shit. Hillary Clinton is a master at this method called the 'Cloward and Piven' strategy. Combined with Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' progressives like Obama and Hillary have conned many with these tactics. This kid in the video is a perfect example of that.

Most Americans are catching on thanks to FOX News, talk radio, Glenn Beck and the 912 project, tea parties and YouTube.

Over 60% of Americans are against 'Obamacare.' Climate change has been exposed as a fraud and stimulus one and two have failed miserably and these democrats just won't quit. They're still trying to con the American people every single day and people are not buying it anymore.

'Hope and Change' was the biggest con job in U.S. history and people are not falling for the lies the democrats are resorting to kids with pathetic.

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