Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Video: 'Farra-Con' Floats Obama Assassination Plot. Thinks 'White Right' Want The 'Half White' President Killed (So Biden And Pelosi Take Over?)

Listen here Minister: 'If Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden were to take over in the event Obama even got a cold, we would pray that Obama never became sick. We would also pray that Obama wouldn't have the health care he is proposing for the American people.'

Nice try 'Farra-con,' the race card has been abused and is so played out, people are not buying it anymore.

What's up with all of these rubber brothers anyway? Obama is really a 'white elitist liberal.' We're sure if there's people who want Obama assassinated, they're going to want to take out Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Dodd, Frank, Hoyer, Durbin, Gibbs, Browner, Dean and others just like him. That's like way more whites than a half black man.

We have a GREAT idea! Let's trade Barack Obama who is 50% black, for an even more blacker, competent, honorable, honest, real black man; Allen West. Deal???
(Didn't think so. Case closed)

Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West speaking at the American Freedom tour in Fort Lauderdale Florida at the Revolution Nightclub.

We won't see Allen West going around like a sissy WUSS apologizing for America like Barack Obama does.



  1. I think you just destroyed Farrakhan's accusation. Why isn't this post on Drudge or Hannity? LOL

  2. This is good but it's been around for almost half a year. What has West said lately?

    P.S. I hope he wins.