Thursday, March 18, 2010

"KLINGON KICKBACK" It’s official: Kucinich switches to “yes” on ObamaCare

U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich has just announced that he will change his “undecided” vote on health care reform, to a definite “yes.”

However, this move is not without controversy. TNOYF has learned that, like Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson in the first go-round, Kucinich’s “yes’ vote has come under less than kosher circumstances.

“Every person has his price, and it seems President Obama has found Mr. Kucinich’s,” said one Beltway insider. “I guess I just find it a bit disturbing that the Constitution is being trampled, and 1/6 of the American economy is being nationalized, for some Star Trek paraphernalia.”

Kucinich’s office was quick to reply to these charges.

“First of all, Representative Kucinich believes wholeheartedly that this bill is in the best interest of the American people,” said Kucinich spokesman Zaphod Beeblebrox. “And second, if you call an authentic replica of Captain Kirk’s chair, and an autographed topless picture of William Shatner–Star Trek era Shatner, not Boston Legal Shatner–just ‘Star Trek paraphernalia’, then we have nothing to say to you.”

MEMORY LANE- Remember what Dennis thought of Obama's health care last year? See video below..

What did Obama do to Dennis Kucinich on Air force One, go down on him at 30,000 feet? He sure landed with a smile and a changed mind...hmmmm...why? What did he get? What a sellout phony Dennis Kucinich is. He's already a nut, but now he is a nut with no principles.

FLASHBACK! Glenn Beck was right again. Beck on the anti-American Dennis Kucinich and his love for terrorism supporting Syria. Also, Beck lashes out at the anti-American website, film director Brian De Palma and left-wing attacks on U.S soldiers.

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