Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberal David Zurawick On Brett Baher's Obama Interview: " was a textbook encounter of how the press should engage the executive branch of government"

There wasn't much of anything groundbreaking or new that came out of Bret Baier's interview on Fox News Wednesday night with President Barack Obama. But I wouldn't have missed it.

As much credit as I give Obama for taking his healthcare message to Fox News and staying on point, I also praise Baier for being thoroughly prepared and hitting a very difficult tone of being appropriately aggressive without being hectoring or rude. It was a textbook encounter of how the press should engage the executive branch of government. Think of it as the antidote to NBC anchorman Brian Williams' bow to Obama in his prime-time White House special last year. Take a look:

And that video is just about the most favorable edit Obama could get on YouTube.

There was a basic disconnect in the session, which resulted in the standoff and the lack of new information: Baier wanted to talk about the process of trying to pass healthcare legislation, and Obama wanted to talk about anything but process. Baier was asking the hard questions of a journalist, while Obama was already directing his answers to the historians -- trying to craft their narrative for them. Baier was impressive, nevertheless, in pushing the president on the special deals that were cut for such states as Louisiana, Florida and Nebraska -- and the near-total lack of transparency about them. READ MORE...

NOTE- Chris Matthews 'mancrush' on Obama is still very hot and the sissy who gets those tingly feelings up his leg at the sound of Obama wasn't getting thrills up his leg during this interview. He was so mad, he spent time on 'Softball with Chrissy Matthews' to attack Brett Baier for 'interrupting' the President.

You see, while Barack Obama always gets his way with lapdog 'so-called' journalist's, Brett Baier didn't let the proven compulsive liar and con artist avoid the tough questions, which is what Obama does in most every interview. You would think someone who had a show called 'hardball' would admire that, but remember, Chris is not only a crossdresser, he's an admitted 'leftist.'

After insulting Baier for his interview (out of jealousy) Chris Matthews then brings on the 'Palin hating' racist Cynthia Tucker to defend Obama along side the flaming liberal and 'white guilt' ridden Joan Walsh from Salon magazine, which is less credible than Newsweek and Time, to discuss this poor attack on Obama. How pathetic! This is an example of why NO ONE watches MSNBC.

Chris Matthews is the master of interrupting his guests, especially the ones he disagrees with. Click here to see an example.

More liberal hypocrisy- Video: Chris Matthews talks over Catholic bishop for four and a half minutes

Here's Chris Matthews in a really unnecessary abusive interview with libertarian William Kostric who believes in the second amendment. Listen to Williams educate and EMBARRASS Chris Matthews over the constitution. Matthews screams at Kostric and interrupts him as he talks down to him as if he's some uneducated piece of white trash (a liberal). Look how personally outraged Matthews gets.

As this interview shows, William Kostric is far more intelligent than Chris Matthews and makes Matthews look like the whiny little bitch he is. It's also the reason this clip has higher ratings than Matthews show.


  1. If Chris Matthews is so irrelevant why is he highlighted here again and again?

  2. Every ass needs toilet paper-----Matthews is the perfect wipe-----

  3. Good on you, William. Well done.

  4. Hey mr anonymous..he's highlighted here because there's a "media bias' catagory and because he's an "idiot" for Obama. Isn't this blog called "" That means him...and even you..are justified in being a part of this site. I guess being a liberal, you are too dumb to figure that out, so I explained it for you.

    Because of people like you, and Chris Matthews, "idiots for Obama" is a perfect name for this site.

  5. Matthews just Fox News on the other side, Situation. He's their Sean Hannity. So what?

    Our side is making history today. What is your side doing? -- That's right, not much. Saying No.