Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Maxine 'We be socializing oil' Waters displays the typical signs of an elitist liberal dirtbag. The tea party people are just protesting corrupt politicians LIKE Waters, so it's no wonder she hates them. They're also mostly white..soon, that WILL change. 'Crews Most Corrupt' List of Politicians Has Maxine Waters Ranked- Click Here..

She's lucky her congressional district of south central Los Angeles is full of kool-aid drinking freeloaders, ACORN workers and gang members, or her ass would of been in the unemployment line with the rest of her constituents. This woman is DUMB..and she has played a major role in bankrupting California.

On Saturday, noted socialist Rep. Maxine Waters was with a group of Black Caucus members in Washington DC when they the Congressional members claimed they were called the n-word and one representative said he was spit on.

On Monday, Maxine Waters went on national TV and called the protesters “teabaggers."

NOTE- Maxine Waters IS a racist. She sure does have a problem with white people. It's quite obvious as she continues to support a corrupt organization like ACORN, which employs mostly black employees and commits voter fraud in every election among other crimes, yet she demonizes a non-corrupt tea party organization made up of mostly whites. She's a racist alright..

How would Maxine like it IF we stopped funding ACORN and started funding the tea parties? Since the tea parties are a good pro-American organization that wouldn't commit voter fraud, wouldn't support banks being forced to give loans to irresponsible people with bad credit and they sure as hell wouldn't support amnesty for illegals, socialism, wealth redistribution, money laundering, corruption and the SEIU, funding the tea parties would actually be good for America. Do you want to see just how dumb Maxine Waters is? See video and links below..

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Is Maxine Waters Really As Dumb As She Seems?

I actually pitied Bernanke as he attempted to remind Ms. Waters the difference between the discount rate and the fed funds rate. Doesn't she have anyone on her staff who could have prepped on the material? It's not as if these are difficult concepts.

The more Waters talked, the worse it got. These are the very people who think they are better equipped to want to be entrusted with auditing the Fed. Now that's a scary concept.

Maxine Waters- Most Corrupt

Is Maxine Waters Really As Dumb As She Seems?


  1. great post! she's such a dope. it's people like her that are ruining this country. 10 term congresswoman? wtf!

  2. This woman like her democratic colleagues have absolutely no redeeming qualities,and never will, but it's the "useful idiots" that elect these corrupt people to office that cause the problems. When all else fails there is always Revolution. Isn't that how our founding fathers got rid of their oppressors?