Sunday, March 28, 2010

MSNBC's Ed Schultz- Time For 'Socialism' In Talk Radio. 'Let's Be Socialist's Across The Board.' What An Idiot! VIDEO- Mark Levin Takes Down Schultz

Ed Schultz is an angry rude liberal who personally attacks anyone who disagrees with his and who has really low ratings. No one listens to liberal talk radio because liberals are dishonest, irrational and crazy. .

The highest rated talk radio shows ALL belong to conservatives. It isn't because MOST Americans want to sit around and listen to attacks and lies all day. That's exactly why LIBERAL radio has FAILED, and why CNN and NBC have super low ratings. People want the truth which is why conservative radio is popular and FOX News is CRUSHING the opposition.

MILLIONS listen to Hannity, Savage, Rush, Levin, Wilkow, Ingram, Crowley, Beck, Church, Cunningham and other conservative radio and cable programs because they have credibility. They're talking about what's really going on and until the mainstream media changes and stops hiding and distorting news and viciously attacking their opposition, talk radio by conservatives will always rule. We are still a 'center-right' nation.

Obama will try to backdoor the fairness doctrine with his diversity czar (what a joke) Mark Lloyd. He will even try things like amnesty, cap and trade and appointing more radical judges, even though MOST Americans are against it. It's because Barack Obama is NO different than Hugo Chavez and until people like Ed Schultz understand that, the American people won't listen or watch his show.

Americans don't want a Marxist dictator like Obama running their country. Maybe people like Ed Shultz and the few Obama supporters who are left would have known this already IF they had actually listened to CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO when they warned people of Obama over two years ago! Obama is doing NOW what conservatives said he would do two years ago! Liberals just attack the messenger. How dumb is that?

'The mind of a liberal.'

Mark Levin has a message for Ed Schultz- Video below.

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