Friday, March 26, 2010

OH SH*T! McCaskill: Democrats 'overpromising' on healthcare

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She was honest for a little while, then she had to blame the Republicans for stopping a bill that MOST Americans HATE and a bill that Fidel Castro LOVES! Clara should start making her retirement plans.

Why do people vote democrat? If YOU do, please stop so we don't have to listen to dirtbags like 'ACORN' loving Clara McCaskill anymore. The Republicans are finally getting a spine; shit, give them SOME credit. It's better than what the democrats are doing!

1 comment:

  1. This is the face of ignorance.
    1. No company can put out 90% of what it takes in and expect to stay in business.
    2. Obamacare still does not insure every single American.
    3. Just because individual has insurance does not guarantee medical procedure requested will be approved - in fact, fewer procedures will be approved and approval will be by the government.
    These are just 3 cursory observations of this woman's ignorance as to just what is the bill.

    Everybody needs to interrupt their busy lives and read this Obamacare law.. and, then reread the Constitution. Take note of the 10th Amendment. And come November, do the right thing!