Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RACIAL HOAX! Tea Party Incident Was A Set-Up! We Were The First To Report This Hoax. Black Dems Lied About 'N' Word. More Evidence- VIDEO

Why is he filming? What's he expecting? Why didn't his own footage capture any racial slurs or any spitting incident. We have a lot of dumb sheep in America..

Gateway Pundit reports: The media claimed that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were called the n-word and spat on by Tea Party protesters as they walked from the Longworth office building to the Rayburn office building. They had no evidence. Nothing. It was totally made up. In fact, a video was later released that proved that there was no "chorus" of racist hatred and no one screamed the n-word. It was all a lie. Now here is more proof.

There were several cameras filming the Democratic representatives as they walked to the Rayburn office building, and the representatives had at least two cameras filming the entire event. (It was almost as if they were expecting something to happen?) Obviously, there were no racist attacks on the Democratic representatives on Saturday. Not one of these protesters, not one of these representatives, have any video proof that anything happened. But that didn’t stop the media from promoting this bogus story.

We knew this was a HOAX for many reasons. We attended 11 tea parties and NEVER once heard anyone saying the 'N' word or seen anyone get spit on. We never even heard a curse word, as there's many small children and seniors at tea parties and it's just disrespectful to curse around them.

Remember, UNLIKE left-wing protests (G-20-Code Pink) the tea party movement is made up of civilized, taxpaying, patriotic, polite, smart American people who actually care about America. We have seen MANY Asian, Latino, black and white members all coming together to protest Obama and MOSTLY WHITE members of congress; democrats and republicans. The media is feeding the public bullshit, plain and simple.

Another reason we knew this was a HOAX is because liberals have ALWAYS done this. When one of the accusers was Rep. Lewis, we knew right away that this needed to be looked at more closely because he has pulled the false racism claims in the past. He's a 'race baiter' and therefore his credibility was in question.

Another reason we knew this was a HOAX was because the liberal congressional black caucus of 'dummies' and white liberals are very PREDICTABLE. This would be a perfect opportunity to distract viewers from the real message and instead have the media focus on the so-called 'racial' incident. As pathetic and spineless as our media is, it was easy to predict they would jump all over this story without having the facts.

Blacks should be outraged at the black members of congress who made up this story. Because of idiots like Rep. Lewis, the next time a REAL racial incident happens, people will think it's just another false claim. No one will believe it. We are already at that stage now anyway and these congressman and the media are making it worse.

Every time they find a noose on campus, a broken window outside a democrat office, a swastika spray painted on a building or a white hood found on a campus, MOST of the time, these incidents are committed by white LIBERALS. Our sorry-ass media reports the initial incident and later on when it's discovered to be a hoax, they don't do a follow up story..

Here's a good article written by black liberal Clarence Page on phony racial incidents- Click Here..

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  1. You are dead on. It's a shame this article and video isn't run by all of the news networks. They just 'hit and run' on this one and people probably believe this incident happened. Thank God for sites like this one for reporting the truth.